Data Management

Dealing with your data's short self life.
Storage solutions as dynamic as your dataStorage solutions as dynamic as your data.
The management of storage growth continues to be one of the top global challenges faced by IT professionals today.

We understand this challenge and have architected our storage solutions so they are flexible to operate and scalable by design in order to optimize your investments and consolidate systems for maximum agility.

Dell’s storage solutions keep your data as flexible as you need it to be.

With a unique, software-based approach, Dell’s storage solutions let you access the right data at the right time in the right place for the right cost. It incorporates the latest storage technologies into multiple generations of hardware systems, so you can take advantage of improvements now and in the future. Our solutions adapt to the I/O patterns and business workloads of your operations so you spend less time managing data and more time using it to fuel the growth of your business.

Dell’s storage solutions keep your data as flexible as you need it to be.
The best data management approach is also the most competitiveThe best data management approach is also the most competitive.

Our storage solutions can save your organization time and money with built-in features such as scale out automated tiering and load balancing and replication to deliver a low total cost of ownership. Unlike other storage solution providers that require disruptive migrations to new platforms when additional capacity is needed, Dell’s storage solutions allow you to easily scale up in size and performance without having to rip and replace.

Business is constantly evolvingData storage as flexible as you need it to be

Business is constantly evolving. So in order for your company to be fluid and adaptable, your storage solutions need to be, too. No one knows this better than the Caterham F1 Team, which has to react to race-altering decisions in microseconds.

Storage Solutions

Consolidated and Unified Storage

Consolidated and Unified Storage

The growth of company files, email, databases, and application data drives a constant need for more storage. But with some storage architectures, growth can mean burdensome management and decreased asset utilization if storage resources remain trapped behind individual servers. By implementing Dell's Storage Consolidation and Unified Storage Solutions, IT organizations can consolidate storage resources to:

• Centralize storage and reduce administrative overhead
• Simplify IT operations and reduce total IT expenditures
• Expand storage capacity, performance, and network bandwidth online without downtime
• Increase availability and protect critical data sets
• Consolidate storage assets across multiple OS environments
• Manage a single pool of storage for file and block access using NAS appliances integrated directly with Dell PowerVault, EqualLogic and Compellent platforms.

Dell EqualLogic SAN and NAS StorageDell EqualLogic SAN and NAS storage

The EqualLogic family of virtualized storage solutions from Dell is ideal for fast-growing companies and organizations. Built on an advanced, peer-storage architecture, EqualLogic storage simplifies the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments. And, it offers a simple path to rapid deployment, comprehensive data protection, enterprise-class performance and reliability, and seamless pay-as-you grow expansion.

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Simplify Windows Storage Consolidation with Dell storage
Dell Compellent SAN and NAS storageDell Compellent SAN and NAS storage

Dell Compellent’s unique, software-based approach to managing dynamic data powers the data center with efficient, flexible and reliable enterprise-class storage. With a flexible SAN and NAS architecture, Compellent scales and adapts easily to your business needs, boosts application performance, optimizes both block and file data management and helps lower total cost of ownership.

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Dell PowerVault SAN and NAS storageDell PowerVault SAN and NAS storage

Optimized for small and medium business, branch offices and high-performance computing, Dell PowerVault primary storage solutions are designed to enable affordable DAS, SAN and NAS in any infrastructure without compromising enterprise-class features and reliability. You get a balance of performance, operational simplicity and flexibility that’s easy to manage using Dell’s multiprotocol, multigenerational Modular Disk Storage Manager and the optional OpenManage Storage Management platform.

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Case Study: Affilinet
Dell ProSupportDell ProSupport™ Plus

The only good time to solve a problem is before it happens. We know you simply can't afford to be surprised by hardware failures that put your business at risk. SupportAssist enhances your Dell ProSupport Plus experience with automated remote monitoring technology available, at no cost, on select Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell storage solutions and PowerConnect networking equipment. SupportAssist integrates with Dell OpenManage Essentials to give you the added capabilities with automated support and systems health checks resulting in preventative maintenance recommendations so you know your systems are performing at all times.

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Consulting for Data StorageConsulting for Data Storage

Dell IT consultants work with you to rapidly perform an automated data collection process, business needs assessment and gap analysis to provide you with a custom tailored data storage solution design and cost benefit analysis. This cost-effective solution can clearly show how today’s data storage technologies, processes and procedures can reduce costs while ensuring business workload needs are adequately met or exceeded. Dell Storage Accelerator combines our deep business and technical expertise to help you best store, manage, maintain and leverage your information assets with the most appropriate and cost-effective storage solution. In addition, our highly skilled Deployment Services experts with will optimize your storage solution configuration to perform based on your business needs, so you can get your business up and running quickly and smoothly.

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