James Martin faced a daunting task in 2006. He had to gracefully merge two firms’ networks to create a single, cohesive enterprise. Martin, principal and CTO of the now combined architectural and engineering firm TRO Jung/Brannen Inc., says it was virtualization that made the merger a breeze. “I cannot stress enough how much virtualization has been a transformative technology in our environment,” Martin says. “Whenever we run into a problem, probably 50% or 75% of the time we find a solution that involves virtualization technology.”

Like many of his peers in midsize organizations, Martin was able to capitalize on the enormous benefits of virtualization to ease the burden of consolidating and managing his server and storage environment. In fact, a February IDG Research Study, sponsored by Dell, found that 83% of midsize organizations are currently investing in server virtualization and 41% in storage virtualization.

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