Report a Potential Vulnerability in Dell Products or Software

If you find a potential security vulnerability in any Dell product or software, we encourage you to contact us immediately at vulnerability_research@dell.com. Please include as many of the following details as possible:
  • Affected Dell product
  • Specific software or firmware versions, if applicable
  • Specific system configuration, if applicable
  • Instructions to reproduce the issue
  • Contact information
To encrypt your message to us, please use this PGP Key.

You will receive acknowledgement within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please resubmit your information to ensure that we received your original message.

We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank individuals for their work and for their constructive engagement with Dell in reporting and addressing vulnerabilities. The list of individuals who have made material contributions can be found here.

Note: This email address is not intended to reach technical support for any Dell products or services. If you need support or service for your Dell product, please contact us using the appropriate support contact method for your country.

Dell Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
We take our responsibility to provide a secure computing experience to our customers very seriously. We acknowledge that in some cases, security vulnerabilities may be identified that may relate to Dell products. In those cases, we hope to work with the finders of these vulnerabilities to ensure that relevant information is shared so that the vulnerabilities may be identified, mitigated and appropriately addressed.

Information relating to Dell product vulnerabilities, including any bulletins or advisories, as well as security updates, workarounds or other corrective measures, will be published on Dell’s product support pages. In some cases, Dell may report information to other Computer Security Response Teams such as CERT or US_CERT