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  1. Dell High-Performance Computing NFS Storage Solutions

    Compute nodes in a HPC environment almost always require a common file system for applications and tools.

  2. Dell HPC NFS Storage Solution – High Availability (NSS5.5-HA) Configuration with Dell PowerVault MD3460 and MD3060e storage arrays

    Enhance storage service availability and maintain data integrity with Dell Network File System (NFS) Storage Solution for High Availability configurations with Dell PowerVault MD 3460 and MD3060e storage arrays. This guide reviews its key technical details and results of analysis of the solution's HA functionality and performance.

  3. Dell HPC NFS Storage Solution — High Availability (NSS 6.0-HA) Configuration with Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers — A Dell Technical White Paper

    03 Dec 2014

    Enhance storage availability to your organization’s high-performance computing cluster with a network file system (NFS). This white paper discusses the Dell NFS Storage solution and provides a performance comparison among available NSS-HA offerings. Discover why Dell NFS Storage with PowerEdge and PowerVault achieves up to 30 percent better throughput compared to non-optimized NFS solutions.

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