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  1. Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block — Disk Pool Manager

    20 Feb 2012

    Review the architecture, performance and best practices for configuring the disk pool manager storage solution for the Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block.

  2. Powering cutting-edge research on campus and beyond

    Supercomputing lab deploys more than 800 Dell PowerEdge blade servers and several Dell Networking switches to power research and automate IT management.

  3. The insideHPC Guide to Genomics

    The insideHPC Guide to Genomics

  4. Dell PowerEdge R730xd Servers with Samsung SM1715 NVMe Drives Powers the Aerospike Fraud Prevention Benchmark

    Credit card fraud prevention is among the most time-sensitive and high-value of IT tasks. The databases are large and the queries complex, with many millions of transactions happening at any given moment. Every transaction must be completed in a limited amount of time. By harnessing the extremely fast performance of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSDs, data can be delivered to fraud prevention engines at speeds that were previously impossible.

  5. Dell Cloud for HPC - Data Sheet

    Access on-demand high performance computing capabilities when you need them via the cloud. Dell Cloud for HPC service offerings provide high-end computing in the cloud so you can minimize time spent and maximize value.

  6. Dell HTSS + DX Object Storage

    27 Jan 2012

    Become familiar with the technical details of Dell HPC Tiered Storage Solution with DX Object Storage Platform. Learn from Dell engineers the architecture, performance and best practices for integrating DX Object Storage in different solutions.

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