Dell OEM Solutions

Accelerate your time to market leveraging Dell OEM expertise.
Building innovative solutions is what you do every day. And since 1999, Dell Global OEM Solutions has been working with 3,000 companies just like you, in over 40 industry verticals, to help them go to market more efficiently by building Dell’s hardware, software and services into their own solutions. And with support in over 180 countries, Dell OEM has the breadth to help you securely manage your solutions from the end-point to the data center.
Using Dell’s tier 1 technology as the foundation, Dell OEM Solutions will work with your team to customize the system most appropriate for powering your intellectual property (IP).

  • Appliance Branding
  • Software Branding
  • OEM-Ready Hardware
  • Rugged Solutions
By managing the design, manufacturing, distribution and support of the hardware, we give you more time to focus on your customers and bring the optimal solution to market — a solution backed by Dell quality and global service.

Evolve your business model

Today’s highly connected world is changing at a rapid pace, and your solutions need to keep up. With the complexities of cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things, do you have the expertise to create, install, manage and securely deploy these solutions – and the ability to analyze and utilize all the data they generate? With Dell OEM Solutions and our partners by your side, you can.

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