• Ensure complete destruction of data stored on failed hard drives.
  • Prevent security breaches and protect against exposure of valuable and sensitive data.
  • Receive certification of data destruction for compliance with privacy regulations and company policies.
  • Dispose of failed hard drives in an environmentally responsible manner.

Certified Data Destruction Data Sheet

Destroy Your Data With Confidence — and Get It Certified

When a hard drive fails, it’s essential that you prevent valuable and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Without proper data destruction practices in place, your organization’s financial health and reputation can be placed at risk — and you can run afoul of increasingly stringent data protection laws.

But there’s a simple way to protect your company’s data and, at the same time, ensure compliance with data destruction regulations. With Certified Data Destruction, Dell will:

  • Completely wipe your hard drive clean
  • Destroy all data using industry best practices
  • Provide certification of destruction
  • Dispose of hard drives in an environmentally responsible manner

Protect Your Organization

Certified Data Destruction, a Dell ProSupport service, can help you protect your organization’s legal, financial and strategic interests. It offers:

  • Compliance assistance — We provide third-party certification of data destruction, helping you comply with data privacy regulations and internal company policies.
  • Risk mitigation — The service can help reduce the risk of expensive civil litigation by preventing potential exposure of intellectual property, confidential customer data and other sensitive information.
  • Environmentally responsible disposal — We can dispose of your hard drives in an environmentally safe manner, and you’ll avoid paying separate fees for waste disposition.