Help Me Choose: Processor-Aurora

The Aurora is now available with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors including an Extreme Edition option, processors with as many as 6 cores and 15MB of cache and overclock speeds up to 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost technology. These new options are part of Intel’s new IvyBridge-E 4000 series family of processors.
Feature Haswell IvyBridge-EBenefit 
CPU Cores Up to 46 and 4 More cores mean more parallel processing power.
For example,imagine a 6-lane highway would accommodate much more traffic than a 4-lane highway.
Shared Cache Up to 8MB Up to 15MBThe more cache memory you have, the bigger the performance increase you can expect. More cache memory space allows more storage of your recently accessed data directly on the processor for even faster retrieval times.
Lanes of PCIe Gen 3 1640 Overall, more lanes of PCIe translates to higher frame rates. The new IVB-E processors have 40 lanes of PCIe whereas the Haswell processors have 16 lanes of PCIe. In a dual video card configuration, the advantage of the 40 lanes translates to twice the bandwidth and much higher frame rates than can be achieved with 16 lanes. This allows dual video cards to operate at their maximum bandwidth
Discrete Gfx
1 x16
2 x8
of Gen3
2 x16
4 x8
of Gen3
Memory2 Channel DDR3 1600MHz4 Channel DDR3 1866MHzMore channels allows more bandwidth for
more resource- and memory- intensive applications.