Help Me Choose: Support Services

Enjoy the convenience of Dell's In-Home Repair Service following phone and/or online Remote Diagnosis.* For issues covered by your Limited Hardware Warranty, technician and/or part will be dispatched, if necessary, usually within 1 or 2 business days following completion of Remote Diagnosis. In-Home Service is available, Monday to Friday, during standard service hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., business day.

Service is carried out in accordance with Dell's terms and conditions. Copies are available on request.

  • Service is inclusive of labour and parts, but excludes software and third-party products
  • External peripherals (such as monitor, mouse and keyboard) may be delivered using a courier for customer installation
  • An on-site engineer will only be provided if deemed necessary following telephone-based troubleshooting with a Dell technician
  • Response times may vary in remote or difficult-to-reach locations
Introducing Dell Premium Phone Support — 24x7 phone support for hardware and software service, a new way to get the most from your computer. You can count on us for a great experience and rapid support.
Premium Phone Support includes:

Get expert support: Speak to an advanced technician.
Getting started with anti-virus: Let us help in setting up your anti-virus software and scheduling automated scans. Excludes virus or spyware removal.
Need help with your operating system? Dell can help you restore your system back to original factory settings.
Connect your computer to existing networks: We’ll help you with wired or wireless networks. Excludes setting up a new network.
Connect your peripherals to your computer: Assistance helping you connect a printer or peripheral to your computer. Excludes any advanced type of connection such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
Need help with data transfer or backup? We provide you simple “how to” instructions to transfer files to your new computer or perform data backup.
Software assistance:
  • “Step-by-step” support for Dell-branded software
  • Simple “how to” instructions for software applications in the following categories: browser, email, productivity, financial, internet browser, photo/video editing, DVD or PDF creation, and software such as Windows 7, Microsoft® Office, McAfee® AntiVirus, Quicken® and Adobe® Photoshop®
  • We will help you install, uninstall and reinstall all other software purchased from Dell not listed in above categories
The Windows 8 web-based training with Live Tutor™ helps bring you up to speed on powerful new tools that can increase your productivity and performance. This online course explores new interfaces, key features and enhancements in Windows 8. It also covers the basic must-know aspects of Microsoft® Windows 8. In addition you receive direct access to experts through Live Tutor online chat. Live Tutor is available 24x7 to explain a concept, demonstrate a feature or walk through a task.


  • Provide quick and concise knowledge to the Windows XP user to be proficient with Windows 8
  • Enable users to leverage the new Metro interface
  • Teach users the value and benefit of Windows 8 features and tools
  • Provide organizations return on investment (ROI) by having a broader and deeper adoption of their Windows 8 deployments
Course highlights:

  • Proven performance-oriented adult instructional strategies allow rapid transfer of knowledge to real-world environments
  • Self-paced learning with navigable lesson menus, status icons and bookmarks
  • 24x7 access to live experts via online chat
  • Narrative and on-screen text options
  • Simulated task-based demonstrations
  • Hands-on interactive guided practice in a real software environment
  • Assessments with feedback options for every answer