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Credit Cards

We accept all locally issued credit cards.


The procedure is the same for all credit cards:
1. Chose the type of card.
2. Type all the details (Name, expiration date, credit card number and security code)

How to obtain your security card number?

The security code in all Visa / MasterCard credit card is located at the back and is the last three digits of the numeric series.

The security codes of AMEX cards is located in the front part of the card and are the last 4 digits located in the right side above the credit card number.

Do you want to to use two different credit cards?
You can divide the amount of your purchase up to 2 credit cards!

Your credit card limit has to be greater than or equal to the TOTAL value of your purchase!
The invoices of purchases done with credit card have to be with the same name as the credit card holder name being used.

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