Dell HPC Solutions include iSCSI, SAS and Fibre Channel options for attaching Dell PowerVault , EquaLogic and EMC storage systems in a variety of customizable, industry-leading storage platforms. Additionally, Dell has partnered with DataDirect Network and Panasas.
  • Dell/EMC CX Storage Arrays offer high availability architecture and modular design to deliver outstanding scalability of performance and functionality, with proven data availability and protection.
  • Dell PowerVaultTM  MD Series a modular disk storage expansion enclosure capable of housing multiple disk drives in a single rackable chassis. This direct attached storage enclosure supports Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the latest advancement in proven SCSI disk drive technology that delivers high performance and excellent reliability as well as Serial ATA (SATA).
  • Dell EqualLogic PS5000 series a virtualized iSCSI SAN combining intelligence, automation and fault tolerance, including Linear Scaling of Performance and Capacity, Self-Managing Arrays, and Top-Tier Data Protection Software
  • DataDirect Network storage offers outstanding performance and capacity scalability. (While not validated as part of a pre-configured solution stack, Dell resells the DDN storage products that are successfully deployed in many Dell HPCC clusters.)
  • Panasas Parallel Storage Cluster offers exceptional scaling in capacity and performance while extending appliance-like ease of management for High Performance Computing (HPC) organizations around the world. While not validated as part of a pre-configured solution stack, Dell resells the ActiveStor storage products used in successfully deployed in many Dell HPCC clusters.