The technology-focused business models incubated, launched and driven by today’s entrepreneurs are matched by an equally varied array of innovative apps that have been developed as the lifeblood of their respective companies. Such is the case with a cadre of businesses featured in this issue of Catalyst, including IT training provider QA, computer-generated imagery (CGI) production studio Sparky Animation (Sparky) and web-based video surveillance firm

With training locations dispersed throughout the United Kingdom, QA relies upon a network of virtual classroom services. It participated in early adoption programs for the Windows 8 and Microsoft® Windows® Server® 2012 operating systems aboard the latest Dell™ platforms. As part of a planned transformation, QA sees Windows 8 and touch-screen technology as a strong foundation for delivering a superior training experience, and its leading-edge apps enable students to access virtualized training tools for a week after completing the classroom coursework. The company’s story begins on page 6.

For Singapore-based Sparky, the focus is on producing quality 3D animation, augmented by proprietary technology and pipeline management apps the company developed for animation production. In our story beginning on page 8, read how Sparky places a premium on maximizing productivity for its team of in-house 3D animators. Toward that end, Sparky recently upgraded to Dell Precision™ T3500 workstations and offloaded intensive 3D rendering to Dell PowerEdge™ M600 blade servers to help keep production flowing on schedule.

Delivering apps that enable anytime, anywhere access to surveillance video for its customers is job one at, a leading video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) provider based in the Netherlands. Its innovative local storage unit (LSU) is purpose-built for sites with high-volume video storage needs and is customized to specs by the Dell OEM team. In addition, cloud-based apps and services provide customers with maximum flexibility on how they record, store and retrieve video for their businesses. You can read more about the firm’s solutions beginning on page 10.

We hope you find this issue of Catalyst adds value as you architect plans to scale your own business.

Tom Kolnowski
Editor-in-chief and Publisher