Experience Dell cloud for SAP solutions

Moving your SAP® solutions into the cloud? If you have SAP, we can help you to expand beyond your physical resources with a secure, enterprise-class cloud made for you: Dell™ cloud for SAP. We provide two targeted offers — based on hybrid cloud — that can help you enable just-in-time resource allocation, plus incremental on-demand capacity. Our SAP offers can deliver the agility you need to integrate legacy applications easily and move workloads seamlessly between cloud and traditional infrastructures.
  • Dell Cloud Starter Kit for SAP Solutions
    Is time of the essence? Ramp up quickly with the Dell Cloud Starter Kit for SAP Solutions that includes SAP Consulting Services from Dell. The Starter Kit is a 60-day promotional trial, from which you get access to Dell cloud resources and services for your test-drive or proof-of-concept implementation. SAP customers with 8,000 SAPs* of capacity or more are eligible for the trial.

  • Dell Cloud Development Kit for SAP Solutions 
    Do you need a rich SAP development landscape? The Dell Cloud Development Kit for SAP Solutions provides you with our proven SAP consulting services. The development kit includes:
    • Access to 32,000 SAPs of capacity annually
    • The #1 Integration Cloud™, Dell Boomi® AtomSphere® platform, which offers superior Cloud Application Integration
    • Trend Micro SecureCloud™ security, with multilayer protection, encryption, policy-based key management and unique server validation
All of our cloud offerings demonstrate an evolutionary IT model that unifies private and public resources through hybrid cloud — and SAP is no exception. You get the management, functionality and security you need for your enterprise environment. Public, private or hybrid cloud: which works best for your organization? Cloud Consulting Services from Dell can help match your business needs to the right technologies.

Be sure to visit our SAP in the Cloud site and review our newly expanded set of Modernization Services for SAP solutions. See how we can help you to migrate and upgrade your existing SAP landscapes to current technologies. These services can support your move to a new platform quickly, with less downtime, lower risk and reduced cost.