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Find resources explaining how Dell technology solutions can help businesses become more efficient than ever.
  1. Dell Storage PS Series Family Brochure

    Simplified, unified, virtualized Dell Storage PS Series, the iSCSI market leader,3 is ideal for companies and organizations with growing data and performance needs.

  2. VMware vSphere™ Reference Architecture for Small and Medium Business

    Learn about detailed reference architectures and best practices for deploying VMware vSphere infrastructure in a small to medium business.

  3. Out-of-Box Comparison: Dell, HP and IBM Blade Servers

    01 Dec 2007

    Principled Technologies shows how the out-of-box experience of Dell blade systems is superior to that of the HP and IBM blade systems.

  4. SC Series Live Migrate and Live Volume

    Dell’s Live Migrate and Live Volume features deliver seamless multi-array agility and business continuity, allowing you to move data quickly and easily without interrupting workloads. Learn how new SCOS 7 version helps you load balance your data center for maximum efficiency, plus achieve “always available” storage despite unexpected outages and disasters, with volume-level auto-failover, auto-repair, VMware Metro Stretch Cluster support and more.

  5. Dell PowerEdge C4130 Spec Sheet

    With up to four high-performance PCIe accelerators per 1U server, the PowerEdge C4130 delivers industry-leading compute density with an extremely flexible and balanced architecture for the most demanding technical computing workloads.

  6. Dell Open Networking and Dell EMC Ready Node for ScaleIO

    Dell EMC solves network- induced performance problems for Ready Node for ScaleIO deployments with an open, high performance, highly scalable spine-leaf solution.

  7. Dell PowerEdge C6320 Spec Sheet

    Dell PowerEdge C6320 Spec Sheet

  8. Dell PowerEdge C6320p Spec Sheet

    Balanced, high-performance computing for the most demanding, highly parallel applications, delivered in the modular 1U C6320p server node, powered by the innovative Intel® Xeon® Phi™ processor and managed with iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller.

  9. Dell PowerEdge R230 Spec Sheet

    The Dell PowerEdge R230 is an excellent first server or replacement server for driving applications in SMB. Compared to the previous-generation PowerEdge R220, the R230 delivers greater memory capacity, more hard drives and I/O slots, and accelerates data throughput and IOPs performance.

  10. SC9000 Array Controller Spec Sheet

    The SC9000 storage controller, the flagship product in the SC Series family of arrays, provides the ideal solution for large-scale systems, high-end workload performance and distributed data center environments.

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