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  1. Unix-to-Linux Migration for the Modern Enterprise

    18 Jan 2013

    Achieve the performance, flexibility and innovative advantages of an industry-standard platform by migrating from UNIX systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Dell PowerEdge servers. Discover the benefits of transitioning from proprietary platforms with Dell and Red Hat.

  2. Red Hat and Dell: Strategic Partners in Virtualization

    17 Oct 2012

    Deliver cost-effective solutions that combine the proven business benefits and technological innovations of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with the power and scalability of Dell PowerEdge servers. Learn more about the benefits of this virtualization alternative.

  3. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Sizing Guide

    14 Aug 2012

    Review the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization sizing guidelines for setting up a VDI environment. Examine the parameters used to develop this guideline and its results, which are presented in terms of RAM, processors, IOPS and network bandwidth.

  4. Unlock the Future With Red Hat, Intel and Dell

    23 Jun 2012

    Increase your computing capabilities while containing or reducing total costs with Red Hat Linux running on Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers powered by Intel® Xeon® E5 series processor — an optimized solution for virtualization and cloud computing.

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