Mobile Devices


Empower the workforce with Dell mobile devices

As end users have grown accustomed to on-demand Internet access and their favorite apps on easy-to-use lightweight devices, the expectation for this experience extends into the workplace. Many consumer-grade devices have not been able to stand up to business use as they lack dependability and serviceability. They’re also difficult to manage and secure, and it’s not easy to deliver cost-effective applications to these devices.  

Dell can help. Our mobile solutions give your employees the access they need on the devices they love — empowering your workforce to be more productive, more satisfied and better able to serve your customers. Whether you choose to deploy our secure, manageable corporate devices — or enable employees to bring their own device — Dell’s innovative designs are perfect for work and personal experiences. 

Dell Venue Tablets                           Dell Venue tablets
                           Dell Venue tablets offer the adaptability and choice your
                           IT organization needs, the portability and usability your
                           end users want, and the cutting-edge look everyone loves
                           — all while maintaining enterprise-level management and

Dell Latitude laptops and Ultrabooks                           Dell Latitude laptops and Ultrabooks™
                           Dell Latitude offers the world’s most secure and
                           manageable commercial laptops, delivering reliable 
                           productivity for your workforce. With designs that range
                           from small and lightweight to real-world rugged, each new
                           Latitude E-Family laptop and Ultrabook can help keep your
                           employees connected and your data protected while 
                           providing your IT staff with easy manageability.
Dell XPS                            Dell XPS laptops
                           Our XPS laptops marry the most elegant designs and
                           premium experiences to enhance your work and personal
                           success. This combination ultimately results in a beautifully
                           crafted laptop with no compromises.             

Dell Wyse Cloud Clients                           Dell Wyse Cloud Clients
                           Dell Cloud Client-Computing helps you enable any user,
                           anywhere, to easily connect to any content on any device.
                           Dell Wyse 7000 series mobile thin client and Wyse 
                           Datacenter infrastructure give end users the power of a high-
                           end PC with the security of server-based content and data

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect                           Dell Wyse Cloud Connect
                           Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is an ultracompact multimedia-
                           capable device that enables end users to securely access  
                           and share content from work, home and on the go. This IT- 
                           managed enterprise client offers outstanding portability, 
                           security and a rich user experience accessing broad  
                           applications and content in the cloud.
Member Purchase Program                           Dell Member Purchase Program
                           Dell’s Member Purchase Program team can help you manage
                           a BYOD program and design a solution to help employees get 
                           the right device, including a managed catalog, business-class
                           support and special pricing and financing options for end users.