UNIX-to-Linux Migration & Re-hosting

The challenges of maintaining legacy platforms become greater with each passing day. Innovation is sacrificed in order to maintain the status quo. With enterprises in today’s business environment expected to do more with less, this is an unacceptable trade-off.

UNIX-to-Linux re-hosting moves proprietary reduced instruction set computing (RISC)/UNIX® systems to industry-standard servers and open solutions. That means significant improvements in three main areas: 
  • Reduce capital costs. The cost of industry-standard Dell PowerEdge servers and open solutions can be significantly lower than RISC/UNIX-based equivalents. Plus, replacing aging and less energy-efficient RISC-based servers with new, more energy-efficient (and often fewer) PowerEdge servers can help avoid or reduce data center expansion costs.
  • Reduce operating costs. The cost of managing and maintaining RISC/UNIX-based systems can add up quickly. System maintenance, software licensing, staffing and energy usage costs can all be reduced with a migration from RISC/UNIX to Dell open solutions.
  • Avoid opportunity costs. Retaining a RISC/UNIX environment in addition to your industry-standard environment can add complexity, reduce flexibility and hamper innovation. Migrating from RISC/UNIX systems offers the ability to simplify, enhance flexibility and keep up with technology while delivering cost savings and value to your organization.
Now is the time to make use of the expertise Dell offers in serving the efficient enterprise so you can realize the many benefits and cost efficiencies. As a leading provider of Linux® solutions — with a long working relationship with top vendors such as Red Hat®, Oracle® and SAP® — Dell can help make migration easier than you think.

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