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Complex environments require true enterprise-class support

With the enterprise landscape evolving at a fast pace, pressures to introduce new technologies into your IT environment have never been greater. Keeping up with maintenance costs, multiple hardware and software vendors and increasing demands of stable system applications for productive end-user performance require time and a high level of expertise, but can produce substantial benefits to your business.

It is easier to respond to IT demands and complexities when you have the right support experts by your side. With Dell Support Services, you’ll get the expert assistance, tools and technology resources you need so you can focus on business growth and staying competitive in a landscape that is ever evolving.


  1. Dell ProSupport Plus

    Dell ProSupport Plus

    Enjoy first-class system maintenance, expertise and assistance so you can keep your focus where it matters – on your business.

  2. dell prosupport accelerated response time services

    Parts and Labor Response Options

    Avoid unplanned downtime and ensure uptime to support IT demands.

  3. Dell Data Storage, Protection and Management

    Dell ProSupport

    Turn your IT into a strategic lever for growth and innovation.

  4. ProSupport for Data Center

    Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Center

    Support tailored to meet your business needs.

  5. Dell SupportAssist

    Dell SupportAssist

    Get ahead of hardware issues with Dell SupportAssist.

  6. dell prosupport value-added services

    Proactive Maintenance

    Help reduce unplanned downtime and optimize system stability with scheduled assessments, streamlined patch management, regular system checks and detailed reporting.

  7. dell prosupport services

    Dell TechDirect for Enterprise

    Many hardware incidents require rapid, repeatable intervention. Time spent during phone-based troubleshooting means less time for IT resource to focus on more strategic projects and business requirements.

  8. dell prosupport value-added services

    Specialized On-site Services

    Boost your IT resources with additional on-site staff from Dell, and get the on-the-spot help you need to enhance response times, achieve your performance goals and quickly implement critical projects.


  1. ProSupport_9_26-H264.jpg

    Dell ProSupport

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business needs.

  2. 2013-aaeron-10012656.jpg

    Aareon AG - Video


    Aareon AG gained faster data access by deploying a SAP® HANA™ appliance based on Dell PowerEdge R910 servers with Intel Xeon processors. Dell Services helped with the installation and Dell ProSupport Plus is providing ongoing support.

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    Pacnet increases server footprint by 30 percent while reducing energy consumption by 50 percent to launch new CDN solution.

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    UAH Property Management, L.P.


    UAH Property Management saves staff 16,900 man-hours a year and enables two IT employees to manage a distributed infrastructure by leveraging Dell ProSupport Services.

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    Dell ProSupport - Reduce downtime and increase innovation


    Leverage global strategies for avoiding downtime and internal escalations.


  1. dell prosupport accelerated response time services

    Parts- and Labor-Response Options

    Anytime access and availability to maximize uptime of your end users.

  2. Accidental Damage Services

    Accidental Damage Service

    Minimize out-of-pocket expenses for unplanned computer repairs due to liquid spills, electrical surges, falls and other types of accidental damage.

  3. dell prosupport

    Dell ProSupport

    Whether you have a small business or you are a global enterprise, your employees need to feel secure in your selection of end-user hardware.

  4. data & asset protection services

    Dell TechDirect for End Users

    One global portal for efficient problem resolution.

  5. Keep your hard drive

    Keep Your Hard Drive

    Get a replacement hard drive, without giving up your old one.


  1. ProSupport_9_26-H264.jpg

    Dell ProSupport

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business needs.

  2. Accidental-Damage-English-dell.jpg

    Dell Accidental Damage

    Accidents can happen anywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind at home, at the office, and everywhere in between? When the unexpected happens, don’t spend time worrying about repair or replacement.

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    Best Water Technology (BWT)


    BWT consolidates its IT infrastructure by 98 percent and ensures employees can access new services in 30 minutes.

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    Somerville House


    Somerville House drives top academic performance and student engagement while reducing energy consumption by 30 percent.


  1. dell prosupport value-added services

    ProSupport for Multivendor Software

    Software Support with fast response and resolution.