1. Converged Infrastructure: The Path to Future Readiness

    IDC conducted a survey that asked organizations with 100 employees or more across a broad range of industries about their current use converged infrastructure (CI). This paper summarizes the results and touts CI benefits.

  2. Simplicity, efficiency and versatility for ROBO and small office IT

    PowerEdge VRTX – Simplicity, efficiency and versatility for ROBO and small office IT. A streamlined IT infrastructure can be the key to success for quickly growing remote/branch offices and small- and medium-sized businesses. All too often, however, IT systems in these office environments comprise an unwieldy jumble of disparate servers, storage and networking components that inhibit efficiency and flexibility. Picture the IT systems of a typical remote office/branch office (ROBO) site: Two or three virtualized servers, perhaps a fourth one for backup or standby, a shared external storage system and a network switch or two. All too often, the servers are different technology generations and brands — the result of growth over time. Along the way, external storage may have been installed to accommodate expanding data and a network switch acquired to concentrate networking. The result is a complicated jumble of equipment that takes up a considerable amount of floor or rack space and is complex to manage.

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