Application Modernization

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  1. Modernization Assessment for SAP

    Receive an assessment of your current SAP operations — including systemic, financial and qualitative data — and develop a SAP modernization road map architecture that reduces complexity and maintenance spend.

  2. Challenges and Success Factors in Application Management Engagements - White Paper (registration required)

    This white paper will help you to identify application modernization challenges and success factors.

  3. How to modernize legacy applications and be certain of your ROI (Gated Asset)

    Hear a discussion of today’s top modernization challenges and learn practical recommendations to minimize risk and lead an application transformation initiative with certainty.

  4. SAP Upgrade and Migration Services

    Upgrade your SAP applications and move them to more efficient platforms to improve performance and reduce management costs.

  5. Application Re-architecture

    Increase business agility, reduce risk and enable strategic initiatives by re-architecting your legacy applications.

  6. UNIX-to-Linux Migration & Re-hosting

    Move from proprietary reduced instruction set computing (RISC)/UNIX systems to industry-standard servers and open solutions.

  7. Application Migration and Re-hosting

    Reduce costs and enhance efficiency by migrating and modernizing legacy applications and data.

  8. Portfolio Assessment

    Develop an application modernization strategy designed to meet your organizational needs within your specified time frame.

  9. Optimizing end-to-end application migration and modernization

    Migrate business-critical UNIX applications to open, x86-based systems.

  10. Mainframe Re-hosting Software Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs with Dell mainframe re-hosting software, which enables you to run online and batch workloads on cost-effective industry standard systems.