Deployment Services

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  1. Rack Integration

    Let Dell rack and cable your server and storage products at the factory so your equipment arrives ready for installation.

  2. System Configuration

    We can install hardware components and software prior to shipping, so you receive your systems pre-configured and ready to go.

  3. Client Installation

    Bring Dell technicians on-site to install new desktop or laptop computers, uninstall obsolete systems, add peripherals, securely transfer critical data and add peripherals, even at multiple locations.

  4. Server and Storage Rack and Stack Data Sheet — Global

    With Rack and Stack Service from Dell, you can receive your server and storage products racked, stacked and cabled by Dell technicians. This service ensures a rapid, consistent and high-quality implementation for deployments of all sizes.

  5. Image Consulting Datasheet

    For those who don’t have the technical expertise to create and maintain their images, Dell provides imaging consultants to help integrate imaging on-site, according to your specifications.

  6. Managed Deployment Data Sheet

    Deploy your systems faster with services that reduce demands on your IT staff.

  7. Overview on how to reduce deployment costs and maximize uptime - Data Sheet

    Patented, automated deployment services for windows devices

  8. Dell Services: Rack Integration

    Leading-edge technologies bring implementation challenges that can be reduced or eliminated with Dell Rack Integration services.

  9. Image Consulting

    Rely on Dell imaging specialists to help you build a fully functional image that is ready for system deployment, as well as provide ongoing image services for your organization.

  10. X-Image

    Create and manage a single image that works across new and legacy Dell systems, as well as systems from other vendors.