Virtualization Implementation

Most organizations have adopted data center virtualization technologies to some degree to in order to reduce cost, improve resiliency and enhance agility. Still, many companies are unable to reap the full benefits of virtualization due to resources constraints and the complexity of dealing with multiple-vendor platforms. Because virtualization touches all aspects of IT infrastructure, including server, storage and networking infrastructures, a successful virtual deployment requires a holistic approach.

Resources and services for a smoother implementation
While implementing virtualization projects, many IT organizations struggle with initial deployment times, achieving adequate performance and scalability, and protecting their virtual assets effectively. To simplify this transition and enable an agile, resilient data center, we provide detailed reference architectures, configuration guides and best-practices documents that can help you implement the solution simply and optimally, helping slash deployment times while meeting your performance and resiliency goals. Additionally, our flexible services can help your IT organization throughout the deployment process. These services include Virtualization Readiness Assessment, Private Cloud and Virtualization Consulting, and Virtualization Infrastructure and Performance Health Checks Assessment. Depending on current business requirements and the level of service desired, Dell can provide factory, onsite, remote, modular and specialized capabilities that fit your needs, timeline and budget.

With our end-to-end solutions offerings, flexible services model and technical resources that simplify implementations, we can help optimize virtualization implementations of all sizes.

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    Monitor, manage, configure and deploy Dell servers from within vCenter and get comprehensive, unified management features for your virtualized infrastructure.

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