What is Virtualisation?

Today's conventional computer hardware was designed to run a single operating system and a single application, leaving most servers vastly underutilised. Virtualisation eliminates the one application per server model and allows your business to unleash available capacity from physical assets. Rather than locking the various layers together — the operating system (OS) to the hardware, the application to the OS and the user interface to the local machine — Virtualisation allows multiple, independent operating systems and applications to run 'virtually' on a single server, making the most of each physical server's capacity.

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Benefits of Virtualisation

Manage all your resources — from data center hardware and software to time and people — in an efficient, open and affordable way.

  • Run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server
  • Move workloads easily from one virtual workspace to another
  • Configure and deploy new servers in a few minutes instead of hours
  • Reduce equipment and maximise server resources
  • Lower data center costs significantly with power and labour savings
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    Components of Virtualisation

    With a broad range of products and services that deliver outstanding value — and strategic partners that provide industry expertise — Dell can help you achieve the full benefits of Virtualisation technology. Our world-class standards-based Virtualisation solutions provide flexibility in your selection of hardware, software and services components.

  • Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers provide the ultimate design for Virtualisation. Innovations including additional memory, I/O capacity and optional factory-integrated hypervisors help deliver the performance and manageability you need.
  • Storage technology that scales up easily with business continuity built-in, giving your company continuous access to critical data. Dell offers multiple shared storage platforms, including EqualLogic™ and Compellent, to help you take full advantage of advanced Virtualisation capabilities, such as workload management, high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Networking products that maximise throughput and port density. Dell offers standards-based networking fabrics that are fully virtualised, cloud enabled and highly automated.
  • Software options from the three leading Virtualisation software providers, VMware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®, giving you the flexibility to use what works best with your infrastructure.
  • Consultation and support from Dell experts who specialise in evaluating, recommending and supporting Virtualisation technology for small and medium businesses.

  • Virtualisation Solutions

    Your best Virtualisation strategy depends on your goals and on the demands of your specific environment. Dell can help you understand both. Whether you're a small organisation trying to extend the value of the resources you already have or a large data center that's pushing the automation envelope, Dell delivers solutions that make sense for your budget, staff and business.

  • Server Consolidation: Slow (or reverse) server sprawl, reduce costs, improve utilisation and help regain control of your IT by consolidating servers with Virtualisation.
  • Storage Virtualisation: Simplify cumbersome tasks, such as allocating storage, load balancing, configuring RAID, and backing up and restoring data.  
  • Client Virtualisation: Simplify the process of maintaining, distributing and patching applications, as well as reducing desktop management labour and staffing cost.
  • Application Virtualisation: Accelerate application deployment, simplify application migration and provide users anywhere access to applications without application installs.
  • Disaster Recovery: Reduce the time it takes to protect and recover data from hours to seconds.

  • Getting Started

    Scoping and sizing a Virtualisation solution can be a daunting task for any IT professional. We stand ready to help with Dell-built tools that analyse your current environment and performance data to determine your company's actual server and storage utilisation. The result? A solution that's specifically sized for your environment to meet your needs today and can scale to meet your needs tomorrow.

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    A Single Point of Contact
    With Dell you get a single source for hardware, software, services and support. We can help guide you through a successful implementation of Virtualisation technology by offering jointly engineered solutions based on Dell's hardware and Virtualisation management technologies, and industry-leading Virtualisation software providers.

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