Efficiency within a business is ultimately aligned to time and money. Whether it’s making employees more productive, getting the most out of what you already have or simply saving on energy costs, having an efficiently run business can spell greater profits and success.

But to reap the many benefits that come with greater efficiency, simply implementing technology doesn’t solve the problem. Enhancing efficiency with technology requires unique solutions for the diverse needs in each individual company.

Office Setting 
Influxes of mobile devices and ubiquitous connectivity have given rise to a community able to work whenever or wherever they need to, creating a transformed office workforce. This trend in mobility leads directly into another — a greater need for collaborative tools and enhanced communication. As a result, businesses turn to communications solutions such as audio and Web conferencing, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and other technologies that replicate the office experience and allow for more collaborative interactions. These technologies continue to be used more in-house, as offices become more globally diverse.

What this boils down to is IT being faced with a myriad of specific needs and requirements that are dictated by end-user job functions and the physical constraints of workplace real estate — and on limited resources. All too often, the need to react immediately to changing business drivers forces IT to adopt a complex inventory of products and solutions with disparate vendor relationships and agreements.

Organizations ought to seek a unified strategy from a trusted vendor that can provide open and collaborative solutions to the challenges affecting IT.

How Dell can help

Backed by an award-winning ProSupport team and implementation services to help get technology up and running smoothly, Dell offers unified and open solutions to the pressing demands on today’s IT that allow decision-makers to focus on the top strategic priorities of the business, and not worry about constant fire-fighting. Specifically, Dell can assist midsized businesses in a variety of ways to become more efficient by focusing on its individual needs. Here are three important steps to the truly efficient office:

1. Enhanced communications: Through partnerships with leaders in communication technologies like Microsoft® and Avaya, Dell is able to offer different levels of various solutions that help integrate disparate business units into a cohesive team. Unified communications (UC) solutions designed for different business sizes and requirements can be implemented without a “rip and replace” model, and often utilizing existing IT infrastructure. From UC and VoIP, to video conferencing, to systems with integrated communication components and accessories, Dell’s solutions can vastly improve how an organization can communicate and collaborate internally, as well as with customers and partners.

2. Space efficiency: Dell’s Vostro™ All-In-One desktop allows end-users to free-up desk space by limiting their volume of “stuff.” Moreover, Dell’s OptiPlex™ business desktops feature highly compact models designed to save on space. Also check out the latest and greatest in ultra-space efficient single and multi-function printers from Dell. Even more, Dell business displays feature a thin form factor that can be mounted on the wall, increasing space efficiencies and productivity.

3. Mobile preparedness: With today’s road warriors’ spending half their time out of the office, Dell’s mobile solutions lets them maintain easy connections even when they are on the go. From Smartphones to ultra-light laptops with MoBro to tablets, Dell offers mobile users all the choice they demand and the secure, dependable connectivity they need, all backed by renowned inter-office mobility service and support.

No matter how you slice it, Dell’s Efficient Office delivers practical solutions to increase productivity with technology that integrates easily in your existing office backed by service and support the SMB demands.