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Complex environments require true enterprise-class support

The enterprise landscape is evolving at a fast pace, and the pressure to introduce new technologies into your IT environment has never been greater. Managing maintenance costs, vendor requirements and system stability demands requires time and expertise — but doing so results in substantial business benefits.

Dell Support Services makes it easy to respond to IT demands and complexities. We will provide you with expert assistance, tools and technologies that will keep your users up and productive, allowing you to focus on business growth and stay competitive. Find out more about our industry-leading IT support options for your hardware and software systems.

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  1. Dell ProSupport Plus

    Dell ProSupport Plus for Enterprise

    Enjoy first-class system maintenance, expertise and technical support assistance and keep your focus where it matters — on your business.

  2. Dell Data Storage, Protection and Management

    Dell ProSupport

    Our highly trained experts and software options deliver enterprise-level, tech-to-tech support for your hardware.

  3. ProSupport for Data Center

    Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Center

    This customized support offering allows you to adjust for growth and new technology offerings without compromising support levels.

  4. dell prosupport accelerated response time services

    Parts and Labor Response Options

    When you need parts or a technician, our next-day and same-day service options to keep things up and running.

  5. dell prosupport services


    Available via online portal, mobile app or APIs, this self-service tool is designed for customers to simplify support case management and parts dispatching for enterprise and end user devices.

  6. SupportAssist


    Reduce IT effort and downtime with automated, proactive support software available for select Dell server, storage, networking, and end user devices.

  7. Dell ProSupport Value-Added Services

    Specialized Onsite Services

    Boost your IT resources with additional on-site staff from Dell, and get the on-the-spot help you need to enhance response times, achieve your performance goals and quickly implement critical projects.


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    Dell ProSupport Plus Data Sheet

    Learn the ways Dell ProSupport Plus proactively improves performance through environmental intelligence, elite engineers and technical account management.

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    Dell ProSupport Video

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business needs.


  1. Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets

    ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets

    ProSupport Plus provides the support essentials to reduce IT effort, protect devices and prevent issues from happening.

  2. dell prosupport

    Dell ProSupport

    Whether you are a small business or global enterprise, this support package provides hardware and software support designed to give you peace of mind.

  3. Accidental Damage Services

    Accidental Damage Service

    Minimize out-of-pocket expenses for unplanned computer repairs due to things like liquid spills, electrical surges, falls and other accidental damage.

  4. Data & Asset Protection Services

    Keep Your Hard Drive

    When your hard drive fails, receive a replacement hard drive without relinquishing physical possession of the old one — so you can maintain control of any classified, proprietary or sensitive data that it contains.


  1. ProSupport_9_26-H264.jpg

    Dell ProSupport Video

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business needs.