Help Me Choose: Dell and Second Generation Intel Core Processors

The processor, or the brain of your PC, manages all the critical information and instructions that enable your PC to run applications and other operations.

The new second generation Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors are now available for laptops and desktops — a huge step up from basic Intel® Pentium® processors. Intel’s latest processors feature improved adaptive performance that adds speed when you need it and delivers increased energy efficiency when you don’t. Plus, built-in visual capabilities offer a better PC viewing experience for an amazing overall performance. 
Which processor is best for me?
When it comes to choosing a processor, keep in mind that a higher number generally indicates better performance. Available in three performance levels, Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors are designed to deliver faster, smarter performance. Depending on the number of cores within each processor, you can get more multitasking capability, extra speed or advanced digital media consumption.

 Intel Core i7
Intel® Core™ i7

 Core i7
Thanks to new processor technology that adapts to meet your needs and enables you to multitask faster; Core i7 processors have all the capabilities of Core i3 and i5, plus they deliver serious PC performance, especially when it comes to creating digital video, music and photos. With 4- and 8-way* multitask processing, you can get things done more quickly, saving you time. Core i7 is available on select Dell systems.

 Intel Core i5
Intel® Core™ i5

 Core i5
Aside from providing great visuals and multitasking, Core i5 processors automatically speed up when your PC needs a little extra boost, thanks to Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. With 4-way multitask processing, you can get many things done at once. Plus, you can watch all your online content on the big screen with Intel® Wireless Display.

Intel Core i3
Intel® Core™ i3

 Core i3
Core i3 processors are perfect for everyday applications and are a huge step up from Pentium® processors. Featuring two cores, 4-way multitask processing and new visual capabilities, you can be sure you will have the performance you need to get your everyday tasks done faster and enjoy a great visual experience.

Single-core processors provide just the right amount of power for everyday applications such as emailing or creating spreadsheets. Dual-core processors are composed of two cores on one single processor, giving you even more power to multitask so you can download files, watch movies or play games. Quad-core and 6-core processors offer four and six cores in one package for amazing performance and multitasking.


How to Read Processor Descriptions

A — Describes the type of processor you are purchasing.

B — This is the processor number. In general, the higher the processor number, the higher the performance.

C — This is the speed at which your CPU processes information.

D — Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0* is a new feature that automatically speeds up your processor when your PC needs extra performance. In the example above, the processor with Turbo Boost can increase your PC speed from 2.4GHz up to 2.93GHz.

E — The 2C indicates there are two cores on a single processor, giving you more power to multitask. The 4T indicates four threads so you can multitask faster and experience less wait time.

F — This is the amount of cache, or onboard memory, contained within the processor.

Choose from 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 or Core™ i7, which offer amazing performance through enhanced technology, new visuals and smarter multitasking capabilities.
Features and benefitsIntel Core i3
Two cores with 4-way multitask processing 
Intel Core i5
Four cores with 4-way multitask processing
Intel Core i7
Four cores with 4- and 8-way* multitask processing
Enhanced visual experience Yes Yes Yes
Multitasking that minimizes the wait Yes Yes Yes
Speeds up when you need it --  Yes Yes
Adaptable performance -- Yes Yes
Greater onboard memory -- -- Yes
Overclocking* ability -- -- --
Immersive mainstream and extreme gaming ----  --