• Rely on Dell experts to deploy your switches and routers correctly the first time, so you can avoid remedial troubleshooting
  • Get single point of contact to take you from planning to project close out
  • Integrate products from multiple vendors

Networking Deployment Data Sheet

Optimize Your Network at the Switch and Router Level

A data center deployment done right includes proper implementation of switches and routers, not just servers and storage devices. This can ensure that you don’t overwhelm your network with problems such as suboptimal traffic flow, poor database response time, improper application level prioritization, and inner switch and storage area network (SAN) congestion.

That’s why Dell offers expert implementation services for switches and routers. Our network specialists are up to speed on the very latest best practices and networking technologies, so you can rely on them to get your systems implemented quickly — and to optimize those systems for maximum return on your data center investments.

We provide a range of deployment services for switches and routers, including:

  • Switch & Router Installation — We connect switches and routers to your attached servers, storage products and client PCs. Then we mount your devices in a Dell™ rack and test them to ensure they are properly connected.
  • Switch & Router Implementation — In addition to our standard installation service, we can provide a single point of contact to plan and orchestrate a custom implementation that optimizes network security, availability and performance.
  • Multivendor Integration — We understand that data centers include products from several sources, so we adapt the switch and router implementation process to optimize multivendor interoperability within your IT environment.