PowerEdge Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge tower servers comprise a range of models ideal for small organizations and large enterprise alike. Whether you’re installing your first entry-level server, or you need large powerful workhorses for critical workloads, Dell PowerEdge tower servers do the job and help you drive greater business success. Each model is based on customer-inspired design and delivers the performance, scalability and resiliency to make applications faster while bringing simplicity, efficiency and versatility to your IT infrastructure.

PowerEdge tower servers deploy rapidly and intuitively, and ensure smooth on-going operation. Their inside-the-chassis expandability allows them to grow with your business or organization as it grows, and greatly reduces your need to acquire, cable, power and manage additional external devices. In addition, PowerEdge tower servers feature office-optimized acoustics so you can operate them non-disruptively, even in quiet office environments.

PowerEdge tower servers are ENERGY STAR compliant and Fresh Air capable, so you get great power and cooling efficiency to help control your power budget. They also feature Dell OpenManage systems management solutions , which save you time and money, and reduce the potential for human errors and system downtime.

PowerEdge tower servers are based on industry standard technologies, so they’re easy to add to your existing IT infrastructure. Their internal scalability and expandability also make it easy to add new applications and workloads as your business or organization grows. High availability features including redundant and hot-swappable components, failover capabilities, and Dell-exclusive technologies like Failsafe Hypervisors help keep your applications and business up and running, even in the event of component failure.

The Dell PowerEdge Tower Server Portfolio

PowerEdge T20
The PowerEdge T20 helps users get organized, share information more efficiently, and become more productive. It’s an ideal first server for your small office or home office.

PowerEdge T110 II
The PowerEdge T110 II excels at productivity and collaboration applications, file sharing, and data protection. It makes an excellent first server for your small business or organization.

PowerEdge T320
The PowerEdge T320 delivers performance, expandability, and enterprise-class reliability features, enabling businesses and organizations to grow and become more productive.
PowerEdge T420
The PowerEdge T420 provides excellent performance and scalability for non-disruptive growth that drives your business or organization forward.

PowerEdge T620
The PowerEdge T620 delivers powerful performance and extensive built-in room for growth, making it an excellent platform for consolidation and virtualization.

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