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  1. Collaboration Solutions From Dell

    Collaboration solutions that connect and empower your workforce with collaboration tools, collaboration software, Microsoft SharePoint consulting, SharePoint reference architectures, SharePoint services and SharePoint migration.

  2. Unified Communications Solutions from Dell

    Unified Communications solutions that integrate all the communication tools your workforce needs with Microsoft® Exchange and Lync™: IM, Presence, voice mail, audio and videoconferencing, telephony and email for integrated communication.

  3. Dell PowerEdge R720xd 6,000 Mailbox Resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2013 Storage Solution

    09 May 2014

    Discover how this Dell storage solution for Microsoft® Exchange 2013 — built on Dell PowerEdge R720xd — can help meet the high-performance messaging requirements of your organization. The solution demonstrates the use of Dell PowerEdge R720xd as a scalable, cost-effective server/storage building block for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 deployments.

  4. Dell PowerEdge R720xd 12,000 Mailbox Resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2013 Storage Solution

    08 May 2014

    Provide a highly resilient Microsoft® Exchange 2013 storage solution for up to 12,000 5GB mailboxes with 150 messages per day per mailbox using the validated design described in this study.

  5. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Dell PowerEdge R620 with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

    25 Apr 2014

    Virtualize and consolidate Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 on Dell PowerEdge R620 to enable greater IT efficiency. This guide describes a sample Microsoft SharePoint 2013 implementation for up to 5,000 users, with a focus on high availability, consolidation, hardware abstraction and application best practices.

  6. Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint Server 2013 on Dell PowerEdge VRTX with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V: A Dell Reference Architecture for 500 Users

    07 Apr 2014

    This paper describes a reference architecture for a Microsoft unified communications and collaboration solution consolidating Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint on the pre-engineered Dell PowerEdge VRTX. This design, for up to 500 users, focuses on infrastructure design principles, including high availability, application best practices, hardware abstraction, resource consolidation and application data protection.

  7. The Top Security Risks Exposed

    SharePoint 2013 search is awesome. It lets you customizeand narrow your search to deliver precise results, and offers recommendations on people and documents to follow.

  8. Microsoft Exchange 2010 on Dell Systems: Simple Distributed Configurations

    16 Jan 2013

    By leveraging the high-availability and disaster-recovery features native to Exchange Server 2010 — in particular, all-in-one server and storage "bricks" — it cost-effectively delivers performance and high availability.

  9. Introduction to Exchange 2010 Sizing

    30 Aug 2012

    Over the years, messaging systems have evolved from providing basic functionality, such as email, to providing rich collaboration features.

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