Learn how to achieve a balanced configuration for the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R510 server using Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Fast Track Data Warehouse (FTDW) with Dell Boomi integration capability. Dell and Microsoft developed guidelines and design principles for designing and implementing a balanced configuration specifically for Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse workloads to achieve out-of-the-box scalable performance. And with the Dell Boomi integration cloud, you can integrate multiple data sources efficiently, easily and accurately into your data warehouse.

The Dell-Microsoft FTDW architecture provides the following benefits:

  • Delivers a tested and validated configuration with proven methodology and performance behavior
  • Achieves a balanced and optimized system at all the levels of the stack by following the best practices of hardware and software components
  • Avoids overprovisioning of hardware resources
  • Offers high availability at all levels of setup (host, switches and storage)
  • Helps customers avoid the pitfalls of an improperly designed and configured system
  • Reduces future support costs by limiting solution re-architect efforts because of scalability challenges