Education Frameworks

Higher education
With academic institutions increasingly required to deliver innovative approaches to teaching and learning, Dell solutions for education can empower educators and give students access to the technologies and tools they need to succeed, both in furthering their education and in an ever more digital world. At the same time, IT leaders are under pressure to expand core services and achieve greater operational and cost efficiencies.

Schools and colleges
Schools are undergoing a major transformation as they transition to a digital learning environment. With greater opportunities to access information, collaborate with peers and teachers, and create new types of content, students are more engaged and have a stronger voice in their own education. Teachers are able to use actionable information to personalize learning based on individual student's learning needs and styles.

Via a number of specialist higher and further education sector frameworks, Dell delivers a wide range of solutions to tackle the issues facing academic, administrative and research computing in the education sector.

The comprehensive solutions portfolio available to you includes:
• End-user computing
• Data centre infrastructure    
• Consulting and advisory services
• Software and peripherals
• Networking and routing
• High-performance computing
• Cloud computing
• Printers
• Technology and ICT
• Backup, security and archiving

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