Media production and creative content firm Arts+Labor wanted to enhance creativity and increase efficiency with new software and hardware that could help eliminate transcoding of high-definition (HD) video formats, accelerate video editing and enhance 3D rendering.

The firm chose Dell™ Precision™ M6600 mobile workstations and Dell Precision T7500 tower workstations with Dell monitors to maximize the benefits of migrating to Adobe® Premiere® video production software and increase performance for 3D rendering. 

As a result, Arts & Labor:

  • Eliminated the need to transcode HD video, saving up to 12 hours and facilitating rapid decisions
  • Reduced 3D rendering time significantly
  • Accelerated additional production tasks, helping to control costs and meet tight client deadlines
  • Gained the mobility to capitalize on high-powered workstations on video shoots
  • Sponsored creativity by providing instant feedback to team members