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Services Streamline your adoption with cloud strategy services
How do you plan and build the cloud environment that best fits your needs? Whether you’re just getting started with cloud computing or already have a well-defined plan, Dell Cloud Consulting and Application Modernization services can help you develop an overarching strategy to achieve your unique business and IT goals.
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Working together, we create a complete solution for cloud computing success in your data center and end-user environments. Dell Cloud Services speed time to value at each stage of the process: from an initial workshop or overview of cloud technology, to a full assessment of your organization’s infrastructure and business needs, to design and implementation.
Dell Cloud Transformation Services Efficient Architecture and Cloud Workshop  Cloud Roadmap Accelerator
Cloud Transformation Services Efficient Architecture and
Cloud Workshop
Cloud Roadmap Accelerator 
Benefit from customized, end-to-end services — from cloud project concept to implementation and management. Learn how to transform your data center with software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) using a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Work with Dell to do an in-depth analysis of your current architecture and to create a roadmap for cloud implementation.
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Cloud Design Cloud Implementation Application Modernization Services
Cloud Design Services Cloud Implementation Services Application Modernization Services
Partner with Dell to design a cloud computing solution customized for your organization. Work with Dell to implement a cloud computing solution that’s right for your organization. Rely on a single application modernization partner to help manage your re-hosting and re-architecting needs.
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Application Modernization Tools and Hosting    
Application Modernization Tools and Hosting Services    
Reduce costs and enhance efficiency by migrating and modernizing legacy applications and data.    
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  1. Dedicated Cloud

    Dell Private Cloud Services

    Get access to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) hosted in your data center, in a Dell data center — or both — with Dell private cloud services.

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    IT Consulting for Application Management

    Manage your client applications and simplify your Windows 7 migration with Dell Services IT Consulting for Application Management.

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    Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP


    Improve business efficiency and achieve higher return on investment by getting more value from SAP. With Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP, you can cut costs, increase IT productivity, and improve flexibility and agility.

What is cloud computing? The strategy behind the technology

A cohesive cloud strategy that drives successful business outcomes relies on collaboration between IT staff and executives. Just as IT cannot act as a silo within the business, cloud computing cannot function as a silo within IT.

Other cloud providers’ proprietary technologies require that you adjust your IT environment to their capabilities. A long-term strategy demands an infrastructure that is open and can adapt as your business and IT priorities change.

Dell’s approach to designing and implementing an open cloud strategy focuses on business and cultural expectations. We believe:

  • Cloud computing is not a technology, it's a strategy. Cloud computing is part of an overall strategy to accelerate growth, empower your workforce and transform your business. We are committed to developing solutions that match your business vision and that drive it forward with maximum flexibility and minimum risk.

  • Cloud computing should adapt to you, not you to it. Most businesses are already on the cloud journey, but each has unique needs and obstacles. We work with you and your staff to match your strategy to the right cloud solutions — without disrupting your business.

  • Cloud computing works best when it integrates seamlessly. Our approach is not to rip and replace, but rather to make use of existing investments and build from the current state. We see cloud computing as a logical progression to what organizations are already doing, and a way for businesses to build on technologies and processes already in place.

To learn more about how Dell can help you develop and implement your cloud strategy, contact a Dell expert today.

Offering flexible, integrated and secure cloud solutions

Dell has been part of cloud computing's evolution from the beginning. Today more than 50 percent of all public and private clouds run on Dell hardware. Our infrastructure delivers digital maps to mobile users, cloud email to lawyers, and more than six billion diagnostic images securely to hospitals and physicians.

Leverage our best practices
Using a solutions approach, Dell helps you get more out of your cloud environment with the flexibility to adapt on your terms. Dell cloud solutions eliminate risks from proprietary architectures and enable you to innovate in-house based on your specific needs. Dell delivers the support, reference architectures and deployment framework to help make you successful.

Manage the future
Dell makes it easy to build and manage the cloud so that it keeps pace as your business strategies or processes change. You can create the path you need today and implement without worrying about exit strategies and vendor lock-in risks.

Dell brings the cloud down to earth with an end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions. We believe in creating simple solutions that make the cloud work for you — not the other way around.

To learn more about the advantages of Dell cloud solutions, contact a sales representative today.

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