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Financing and Leasing

Match your financial solution to the useful life of your assets.

IT has become far more than a support function. Organizations look to IT to generate revenue or at least to find savings in efficiency. Let the wealth of leasing and financing options from Dell™ Financial Services help you find opportunities in decisions your organization faces regarding capital expenditures, operating expenditures and cash flow.
Financial Services


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    Fair Market Value Lease

    Contain your budget and get the most efficient technology for your needs. Nearly 50 percent of companies surveyed said they planned to rely more on leasing than they had in the previous year — discover why.

  2. Finance Lease

    Finance Lease

    Ideal for managing cash flow, the Finance lease allows you to pay for technology in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.

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    End-of-lease Options

    Reach your lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) by making end-of-lease decisions based on your technical needs, budget and the equipment's operational capabilities. End-of-lease resources include Lease Return Services.

  4. loans


    Complement both lease types; especially for software & services to provide complete solution financing.

Master Lease Agreement

A Master Lease Agreement (MLA) is a convenient way to coordinate and manage multiple orders in your organisation. For example, if you have a series of orders of laptops and desktops taking place intermittently, we can use the MLA to combine multiple orders in one lease on a pre-agreed frequency. It’s a flexible approach which can handle different sorts of equipment in the specific way you choose, negotiated once, in advance.

Read more details about Master Lease Agreement

International Leasing

Dell Financial Services facilitates international leasing solutions throughout Europe, in North America and over 50 countries throughout the world. We operate directly with our own financing organisation, or using a network of international lessors to extend our reach.

This offers potential advantages to our international clients:
  • To work in partnership and develop an international financing strategy
  • Consistent terms and conditions, compliant with local laws and customs
  • Co-ordinated account service though local and in-country contacts.
We’re continually expanding our international capability, and building lessor partnerships to extend our global service.

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Credit Review

Please see our credit review Data Protection Notice. This notice explains what Dell Bank International d.a.c. will do with your information when you apply to us for financing. You will also find our Data Protection Statement.

Administration fees

Many customers never make special requests, for example, asking to re-structure a lease. So to keep costs low for the majority we charge these fees as incurred.

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Contact DFS

We are Dell Bank International d.a.c., trading as Dell Financial Services, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered in Ireland Number: 502362. Registered Office Address: Innovation House, Cherrywood Science & Technology Park, Cherrywood, Dublin 18, Ireland.

Locally, if you don’t know an individual in DFS to contact, please talk to your Dell Sales Representative, or send an email to:

Your local office address is: 

        Dell Bank International d.a.c.
        c/o Dell
        Dell House
        The Boulevard, Cain Road
        Bracknell, Berskhire RG12 1LF
        United Kingdom

Case Studies

  1. Amadeus


    A major travel organisation uses Dell Financial Services to match IT costs to their budget, in a financing partnership that is maintained through challenging economic times.

  2. bitbrains


    A cloud service provider uses financing to gain operating and server provisioning freedom and helps to build the foundation for their business model.

White Papers, Data Sheets & Brochures

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    This Notice explains how Dell Bank International d.a.c. (“we/us/our”) will use information provided by you.

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    PC Leasing and Financing: Strategic, Operational and Financial Facts to Consider

    IDC explains how a leasing strategy enhances PC life-cycle management; improves return on invested capital; and helps to manage the Total Cost of Ownership of client equipment.

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    Financing Solution brief Storage - Data sheet


    Discover flexible financing for your storage solutions. Financing can make an attractive storage investment affordable by spreading the cost.

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    Managing IT Infrastructure Renewal


    Learn why many IT professionals shift the equipment acquisition model from "Buy Once/Fix Forever" to "Acquire/Run/Renew" to reduce IT’s internal operating costs and enable organizational innovation initiatives.

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