Information Security Services

Protect your organisation from data breaches and downtime

New compliance regulations and threats to data security are emerging every day, and innovations such as mobility and cloud can heighten these risks. To get ahead of growing IT security demands — and to satisfy PCI, ISO 27001 and other regulations, and demonstrate compliance to auditors — you need flexible information security services that lower the risk of breaches, downtime and noncompliance.
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Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Optimise the effectiveness of IDS and IPS devices with expert management and 24x7 monitoring.

Firewall Management
Get the most out of your firewall appliances with expert management and 24x7 monitoring.

Next Generation Firewall Management
Maximize next generation firewall performance with 24x7 monitoring and expert management.

Managed UTM
Reduce your administrative burden and get advanced protection against IT security threats by administering and monitoring your UTM infrastructure 24x7.

Managed Advanced Malware Protection
Prevent the deployment of custom and targeted malware with signature-less detect.

Managed Web Application Firewall
Optimise web application protection with 24x7 monitoring and expert management.

Security Monitoring
Detect and respond more quickly to threats with 24x7 monitoring of security activity by our certified experts.

Log Management Services
Satisfy compliance and forensics requirements for log collection, storage and reporting.

SIM On-Demand Services
Correlate and report security information using an on-demand service and avoid the cost of deploying expensive SIM tools.

Vulnerability Management Services
Find and fix exposures in your network with our expertly managed vulnerability scanning.

PCI Scanning
Get accurate scans of external-facing systems, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, submit PCI scanning compliance reports directly to your acquiring bank(s), and complete and submit SAQs online.

Web Application Scanning Services
Identify security flaws in your web applications with expertly managed scanning services.

Email Security Services
Protect your infrastructure from inbound and outbound email threats.

Web Security Services
Protect your organisation from malicious inbound and outbound web traffic.
Compliance and Certification Services
Identify gaps and improve compliance with PCI, ISO 27001 and other regulations and standards.

Security Testing and Assessments
Identify security vulnerabilities and prioritize risks.

Residency Services
Fill gaps in your security capabilities and support key projects with premier security experts.

Security and Governance Program Development
Establish a security programme that aligns your policies with business needs, compliance requirements and industry standards.

Mobile Security
Safely embrace the full reach and opportunity of mobile devices and applications through our Mobile Security Services and Solutions.

Cloud Security

Minimise risk and improve security while gaining the benefits of cloud technology. Services include strategic consulting, tactical planning, risk assessments, testing of cloud deployments and more.
Threat Intelligence Feed
Understand new threats and learn how to defend against them.

Vulnerability Feed
Identify new vulnerabilities that pose risk to your systems.

Advisory Feed
Get up-to-date intelligence and expert guidance on significant security events and trends.

Emerging Threat Bulletins
Access real-time CTU researcher updates with the latest insight into threats.

Microsoft Update Analysis
Gain a detailed understanding of vulnerabilities revealed in Microsoft Updates and their severity within 24 hours.

Live Intelligence Briefings
Sit in on live sessions from CTU researchers on emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Weekly Intelligence Summaries
Get up to speed with expert analysis of the week’s significant events and security trends.

CTU Support
Gain direct access to CTU researchers for questions and advice on emerging threats.

Attacker Database Feed
Stay abreast of IP addresses that are being used by threats worldwide.

Custom Malware Analysis
Understand the purpose and methods used by a specific malware sample.

Targeted Threat Intelligence
Get actionable security intelligence and expert security consultation to monitor for threats beyond the edges of your network.

Advanced Threat Resource Centre
Know your attack surface, know your assets, and insure your layered defenses are appropriately designed and up-to-date to best detect, resist and respond to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
Incident Response Planning & Analysis
Our expert consultants can work with you to prepare your organisation to respond quickly and effectively to a security incident.

Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis
Dell SecureWorks Incident Response security experts can test and evaluate your Incident Response procedures and plan and how well your team responds to an attack.

Digital Forensics Investigation
If you have a security incident, we can capture and analyse data stored in hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives and other media formats to help you determine what has been compromised.

Incident Response Retainer Service
Our experts work to contain the breach, mitigate the threat and protect your assets to minimise the cost, damage and disruption your organisation faces from a security breach.

Emergency Incident Response
Dell SecureWorks' Emergency Incident Response experts can provide rapid emergency incident response to contain a breach, mitigate the threat and protect your assets.

Anti-Phishing Services & Phishing Takedown
Dell SecureWorks provides the tools and expertise to restore customer confidence and turn the tables on the attackers.


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Case Studies

  1. Forrester Total Economic Impact of Dell SecureWorks

    Forrester Total Economic Impact of Dell SecureWorks

    The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study shows how a global investment firm improved security and saved $3.36 million by working with Dell SecureWorks.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    Lake Area Bank protects its network with Dell SecureWorks


    Local bank has been protecting its customers’ data for 14 years by using Dell SecureWorks to monitor and defend its network. Recently, the bank engaged Dell SecureWorks Incident Response to assess, contain and eradicate a trojan virus.

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    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games simplifies management with Dell as its IT partner - Infographic


    Technology is integral to the success of the Games. Dell is proud to be the official end-to-end IT partner of the XX Commonwealth Games, and will provide both hardware and data center support.

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    Kittitas Valley Healthcare gains efficiency by placing its EHR solution on the Dell Secure Healthcare Cloud


    Rural hospital finds new clinical and operating efficiencies, as well as better continuity in delivering primary patient care to its community, by placing their EHR system securely in Dell’s cloud.

  5. Click here to read PDF

    ATMI upgrades IT for growth and efficiency


    Manufacturer deploys Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Compellent storage, Dell Networking switches and Dell AppAssure data protection software to gain efficiency, add capacity, and cut costs.

  6. Click here to read PDF

    Provincie Zeeland aims for greater productivity and efficiency with its Dell end-to-end infrastructure


    Authority in the Netherlands creates end-to-end solution from Dell, featuring servers, storage, networking, desktops, workstations, laptops and tablet devices. As a result, it is enhancing productivity, lowering costs and improving taxpayer value.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    Vertafore secures its insurance industry cloud software with Dell SecureWorks


    Leading insurance industry software provider protects insurers and their customers from cyber threats with the help of Dell SecureWorks.

  8. secureworks-demo.jpg

    Dell SecureWorks Services Overview

    Dell SecureWorks helps organizations deal with the day-to-day and strategic challenges of information security and compliance.

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    Green Clinic Health System


    Green Clinic helps nurses and physicians work smarter and boost efficiency, while the IT team streamlines systems deployment, management and HIPAA compliance.

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    AZUR SPACE Solar Power


    Global manufacturer of high-performance solar cells assesses the risk exposure of its mission-critical assets through industry-leading penetration testing.

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