Empower Caregivers

Empower caregivers

As the adoption rate of new technology in the healthcare sector rapidly accelerates, clinical processes and workflows become outdated and inefficient. Caregivers and staff are not properly prepared to integrate technology into their daily routines, and the lack of process and workflow redesign creates more work that is ultimately rejected by the people who are intimately involved in care delivery.

To truly improve the care delivery process, technology cannot simply be added to the system, but rather must be combined with people and process to achieve clinical transformation.

Empower caregivers

As you adopt new technology into your organization, Dell will work with key members of your staff to achieve clinical transformation by following these three important management processes:

  • Change Management — Solve organizational issues derived from the interaction of people with the way they do their work
  • Implementation Management — Successfully incorporate technology and processes into daily work routines
  • Enablement Management — Assure the proper use of technologies by focusing on how people use them effectively
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