Future Ready IT

Health IT is becoming increasingly complex with ever-changing and growing data, hundreds of disparate applications, and numerous stand-alone systems. The resulting infrastructure is hard to manage, forcing resources toward maintenance vs. innovation. To prepare, build a future-ready infrastructure that is open, flexible, scalable, standards-based and interoperable.

A Future-Ready Infrastructure is:

  • Adaptable to the rapid pace of change and adoption
  • Easily managed and maintained with streamlined tools
  • Automated for a new level of efficiency
  • Scalable to accommodate rapidly changing and growing data needs
  • Always up and on to meet the requirements of healthcare at all locations

The Future-Ready Infrastructure consists of four building blocks:

Products can be purchased as individual components in the four building block categories above, or as solutions with the Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS). VIS is a growing family of comprehensive server, networking, storage and software solutions designed to implement the Future-Ready Infrastructure strategy in healthcare-ready configurations.

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