Dell Print Page Service

Dell Printer Page Service
Print fleet management can be challenging

Office printing for Medium-sized businesses can be an expensive and time-intensive exercise. Managing a fleet of printers necessitates a constant maintenance cycle, as well as the time spent managing the toner supplies inventory. What’s more, the upfront expenditure on printer hardware and supplies has a negative impact on cash flow.

What is Dell Print Page Service

With Dell Print Page service you will experience a simplified pay-per-print services designed to provide peace of mind and maximise savings for your business. We offer the flexibility of two options — a fixed monthly payment that covers a fixed print page volume and and a variable pay per print charge for businesses needing a little more flexibility. In additions, Dell ProSupport offers dedicate telephone support, printer maintenance and on site repair services. In addition, Dell ProSupport offers a dedicated phone support line, printer maintenance and on-site break-fix services.

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How does the Dell print page service work?

Step 1
Choose a service contract tenure (3, 4 or 5 years), and let Dell conduct an optional audit on your printing needs.
 Step 2
An email with the link to download the toner monitoring software and login information for the web-based fleet management portal will be sent to help you get started.
 Step 3The proactive toner level monitoring software will initiate a new toner order and delivery process when toner levels are low. Step 4A new toner cartridge will arrive before your old one runs out, reducing printer downtime and supplies ordering tasks. 

What we deliver 
 CheckMarkCustom-fit to your print needs
Remote print fleet audit offers fact-based assessment to custom-fit a Dell print fleet and service package tailored to your needs.
 Check MarkProactive replenishment with comprehensive support
Receive printer supplies (toner, imaging drum, waste toner basket, fuser and maintenance kit) before they run out and enjoy comprehensive Dell ProSupport services for printer maintenance and break-fix.
 Check MarkStart saving and maximise your budget
Enjoy lower cost per page (up to 15% savings compared to Dell highest yield toner cost per page for same printer model on non-contract basis).
 Check MarkStreamlines purchase with consolidated billing
Eliminate multiple ordering tasks and get organised with single billing statements.
 Check MarkFlexibility without the cost
Flexible with no hidden cost or service cancellation charges with only payment of last set of toner cartridges shipped (lease charges applicable for lease purchase options only).
 Check MarkQuality with genuine Dell supplies
Dell supplies exclusively designed for reliable performance and quality prints for your Dell printers.

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Supported Dell Printer Models

Dell Mono Printers   
B2360dn  b3460dn   b5460dn   
B2360dn B3460dn B5460dn   
Dell Colour Printers 
2150cdn  c3760dn  5130cdn 7130cdn  
2150cdn C3760dn 5130cdn 7130cdn 
Dell Mono Multifunction Printers    
2335dn   b3465dnf  b5465dnf   
2335dn B3465dnf B5465dnf   
Dell Colour Multifunction Printers 
 2155cdn  c3765dnf  c5765dn  c7765dn 
2155cdn  C3765dnf  C5765dn  C7765dn  


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How can I sign up for the Dell Print Page Service (PPS)?

You can sign up for PPS by contacting your Dell account manager and arranging a visit with one of our Printer Specialists.

What is the warranty coverage for the printers with PPS?

Pro Support Service is provided for the length of the contract, which includes hardware warranty, 24 x 7 technical support, Next Business Day on-site printer maintenance and break-fix services (excludes C7765dn and 7130cdn which require extended service options).

How long is the service contract for PPS?

As service contract duration for PPS, Dell offers 3, 4, and 5-year service contract options, renewable upon customer request.

Can I terminate the PPS contract and are there any penalties?

Customers can terminate the service by providing 30-day notice. There is no service cancellation fee but payment should be made for the last set of toner(s) shipped. Cancellation fees are applicable for cancellation of financial lease contract, subject to terms and conditions of the financial leasing agreement.

How does PPS work? How will my toner orders be processed?

Dell will send you a link to download and install a toner monitoring software on your PC / Laptop / Server with an internet connection. It is recommended that the PC/Laptop/Server is switched on daily to avoid disruption in the monitoring service. The software agent will proactively monitor your toner usage levels and activate new supplies delivery when the remaining toner level is at approximately 10%.

What is considered as low toner level? When will Dell activate new supplies to be delivered?

Dell will proactively monitor the toner usage levels and activate new supplies delivery when the remaining toner level is at approximately 10%.


Is the imaging drum replacement covered in the service contract for PPS?

Yes, the imaging drum will be replaced when needed as part of the service.

Is the fuser and maintenance kit of printers covered in the service contract?

Yes, if your printer hardware is within warranty period, the fuser and maintenance kit will be replaced when needed. If the warranty has expired for your printer hardware during the service contract period, customers have to contact Dell Tech Support for a fuser / maintenance kit replacement and charges may apply.

Who should I contact when my printer breaks down?

Contact Dell Technical Support at 0844-338-1200 for assistance in troubleshooting and resolution.

Can I move my printer?

Yes, the printer can be moved. Customers are requested to update the status of their devices by using the Fleet Management Portal (FMP) in order for Dell to monitor the device status and toner levels for proactive replenishment.

What should I do when I receive an additional toner which I do not require?

Toner replenishment is activated proactively based on the remaining toner levels for your Dell printer. Please contact Technical Support on 0844-444-3844 if you have received additional toners which you do not require to ensure we are monitoring your printers accurately for the service and advice on remorse and return procedures.

How is your print usage monitored and measured?

Dell uses the toner monitoring software tool to monitor your print pages. Color and Black and White pages are counted separately as per the device reporting. All impressions are standardized to Letter/A4 size impressions. Duplex printing is counted as 2 print pages. One A3 page (simplex printing) is counted as 2 pages (i.e. One duplex A3 page = 4 pages).

How do I pay for the service?

To pay for the service, customers can opt to pay either through business credit or purchase order. Dell will provide monthly billing for the fixed monthly fee which covers the minimum page volume, and applicable charges for additional print page volume. The billing statement will also reflect the monthly or quarterly lease payment if the customer has signed up for a financial lease payment for the printer purchase and Dell ProSupport service (excludes C7765dn and 7130cdn, which requires extended service options).

Who should I contact for billing disputes? Can I monitor my own device usage / print page volume?

Customers can contact Dell Customer Care for billing disputes. Customers can monitor their device usage / print page volume by accessing the Fleet Management Portal for Dell.
Can I order additional toner on my own?

Yes, customers can place orders for additional toner supplies by using the Fleet Management Portal (FMP); however Dell will only ship supplies after toner levels were verified.

Is PPS renewed automatically?

PPS will not be renewed automatically. Customers can contact the Dell account manager or Dell service support for service renewal.

The Software monitoring agent / Fleet Management Tool displays a Xerox logo. Is this the right tool?

Yes, Dell is partnering with Xerox as our service delivery partner and this includes usage of Xerox branded software tools.




Dell Print Page Service


Dell is pleased to provide the Dell Toner Monitoring Service (“Service(s)”) in accordance with this Service Description (“Service Description”). Your quote, order form or other mutually agreed upon form of invoice or order acknowledgment (as applicable, the “Order Form”) will include the Service and available service options (if any) that you purchased. For additional assistance or to request a copy of your service contract(s), please contact. Dell at the appropriate toll-free number listed at www.support.dell.com or your sales representative. For printer issues, the method of repair service is determined by your end user Dell printer hardware warranty for the applicable printer.

Phone  0844-338-1200

The Scope of This Service

The Services consist of the automatic replenishment of printer consumables comprising of toner cartridges, imaging drums and waste toner bottles (“Consumables”) during the contract period, when you purchase a select model Dell printer and choose the Service. For clarity, Consumables do not include fusers and maintenance kits, which are covered under the Dell printer hardware warranty. The automatic replenishment of the Consumables is enabled by the Licensed Software (defined below). The Licensed Software collects and reports data on selected print devices located on your network and remotely monitors the usage level of the Consumables. The Licensed Software then automatically triggers an order for a particular Consumables component in advance of its end of use, leading to Dell delivering a replacement Consumables component to you.


For the avoidance of doubt, the following activities are not included in the scope of this Service Description:
• Any services, tasks or activities other than those specifically noted in this Service Description.
• The Service does not include the development of any intellectual property created solely and specifically for the Customer.

This Service Description does not confer on you any warranties which are in addition to the warranties provided under the terms of your Master Services Agreement or Agreement (both as defined below), as applicable.

Offer-Specific Customer Responsibilities

Prior to the delivery of the Services, the Customer must download the Services software known as the Xerox Device Agent (“XDA-PE” or “Licensed Software”) provided to the Customer by email, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out below.

General Customer Responsibilities

Authority to Grant Access. Customer represents and warrants that it has obtained permission, where allowed by applicable laws, for both Customer and Dell to access and use, whether remotely or in-person, Customer-owned or licensed software, hardware, systems, the data located thereon and all hardware and software components included therein, for the purpose of providing these Services. If Customer does not already have that permission, it is Customer's responsibility, subject to applicable laws, to obtain it, at Customer's expense, before Customer asks Dell to perform these Services.

Customer Assets and Customer Content. “Customer Assets” means all Customer equipment, software and/or work space owned, leased, rented, licensed and/or controlled by Customer and any services utilized by Customer that Customer makes available to Dell to enable Dell to perform Services. “Customer Content” means documents and materials that Customer provides to Dell in order for Dell to perform the Services. Customer will permit Dell, free of charge, to use or access Customer Assets and Customer hereby grants or transfers sufficient rights to enable Dell to use or access Customer Assets and Customer Content as needed in order to perform Services; it being acknowledged that Dell shall not use the Customer Content for any purpose other than to perform Services.

On-site Obligations. Where Services require on-site performance, Customer will provide (at no cost to Dell) free, safe and sufficient access to Customer's facilities and environment, including ample working space, electricity, safety equipment (if applicable) and a local telephone line. If necessary for Dell to provide the Services, a monitor or display, a mouse (or pointing device), and a keyboard must also be provided (at no cost to Dell), if the system does not already include these items.

Customer Cooperation. Customer understands that without prompt and adequate cooperation, Dell will not be able to perform the Service or, if performed, the Service may be materially altered or delayed. Accordingly, Customer will promptly and reasonably provide Dell with all cooperation necessary for Dell to perform the Service. If Customer does not provide reasonably adequate cooperation in accordance with the foregoing, Dell will not be responsible for any failure to perform the Service and Customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Data Backup. Customer will complete a backup of all existing data, software and programs on all affected systems prior to and during the delivery of this Service. Customer should make regular backup copies of the data stored on all affected systems as a precaution against possible failures, alterations, or loss of data.


Dell will not be responsible for the restoration or reinstallation of any programs or data.

Third Party Warranties. These Services may require Dell to access hardware or software that is not manufactured by Dell. Some manufacturers' warranties may become void if Dell or anyone else other than the manufacturer works on the hardware or software. Customer will ensure that Dell's performance of the Services will not affect such warranties or, if it does, that the effect will be acceptable to Customer. Dell does not take responsibility for third party warranties or for any effect that the Services may have on those warranties.

Third Party Service Provider / Channel Partner / Reseller. Dell may make the Services available for sale through an authorized reseller or channel partner (“Authorized Reseller” or “Authorized Channel Partner”) or Dell may obtain the services of an authorized third party service provider (“Authorized Service Provider”) to assist in and/or undertake partly or in whole the provision of the Services. In such event, the Customer agrees that the Customer Responsibilities as set out herein extend to such Authorized Reseller, Authorized Channel Partner or Authorized Third Party Service Provider as necessary.

Dell Services Terms & Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”)

This Service Description is entered between you, the customer (“you”, “ your” or “Customer”), and the Dell entity from which you purchased this Service. This Service is provided subject to and governed by Customer’s separate signed master services agreement with Dell that explicitly authorizes the provision of this Service and the supply of the Consumables (“Master Services Agreement”). In the absence of such agreement, depending on Customer’s location, this Service and the supply of the Consumables contemplated by this Service is provided subject to and governed by either Dell’s Commercial Terms of Sale or the agreement referenced in the table below (as applicable, the “Agreement”). Please see the table below which lists the URL applicable to your Customer location where your Agreement can be located. The parties acknowledge having read and agree to be bound by such online terms.

Customer Location 

Terms & Conditions Applicable to Your Purchase of Dell Services

Customers Purchasing Dell Services Directly From Dell    

Europe, Middle East, & Africa
Local www.dell.com country-specific website or www.dell.com/servicedescriptions/global.*
In addition, customers located in France, Germany and the UK can select the applicable URL below:
UK: www.dell.co.uk/terms

* Customers may access their local www.dell.com website by simply accessing www.dell.com from a computer connected to the Internet within their locality or by choosing among the options at Dell’s “Choose a Region/Country” website available at

Customer further agrees that by renewing, modifying, extending or continuing to utilize the Service beyond the initial term, the Service will be subject to the then-current Service Description available for review at www.dell.com/servicedescriptions/global.

To the extent that any terms of this Service Description conflict with any terms of the Master Services Agreement or the Agreement, the terms of this Service Description will prevail, but only to the extent of the specific conflict, and will not be read or deemed to replace any other terms in the Master Services Agreement or the Agreement which are not specifically contradicted by this Service Description.

By placing your order for the Services, receiving delivery of the Services, utilizing the Services or associated software or by clicking/checking the “I Agree” button or box or similar on the Dell.com website in connection with your purchase or within a Dell software or Internet interface, you agree to be bound by this Service Description and the agreements incorporated by reference herein. If you are entering this Service Description on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have authority to bind such entity to this Service Description, in which case “you” or “Customer” shall refer to such entity. In addition to receiving this Service Description, Customers in certain countries may also be required to execute a signed Order Form.

Supplemental Terms & Conditions Applicable to Dell Toner Monitoring Service

1. Purchase / Duration. Subject to the termination rights of the parties, Dell will provide the Services to the Customer for such period as shall be mutually agreed between the parties (the “Term”). As applicable, the number of systems, licenses, installations, deployments, managed end points or end-users for which Customer has purchased any one or more Services, the rate or price, and the applicable Term for each Service is indicated on Customer’s Order Form or through other mediums provided by Dell to the Customer in connection with the Services (e.g. the Fleet Management Portal as described below or such other portal used by Dell to manage the Services for its Customers). Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Dell and Customer, purchases of Services under this Service Description must be solely for Customer’s own internal use and not for resale purposes.

2. Licensed Software.
The Customer must download and maintain the Licensed Software provided to the Customer by email, agree to the end user license agreement provided with the Licensed Software (“Licensed Software EULA”) (including any updated license agreements when installing updates or a newer version of the Licensed Software), and install the Licensed Software on a network-connected computer or server containing minimum specifications as advised by Dell. The Licensed Software collects and reports data on selected print devices located on the Customer’s network and monitors the Customer’s Consumables usage level. It automatically triggers an order leading to the delivery of a replacement Consumables component to your previously designated delivery address in advance of your current Consumables component reaching its end of use. The Customer will be notified of updates, and new versions of the Licensed Software will be automatically updated via the Internet. Failure to download and install updates or new versions of the Licensed Software may impact the Licensed Software’s device monitoring capabilities. The Customer may contact Dell at the appropriate toll-free number listed at www.dell.com/support if the Customer has any problems installing the Licensed Software. For clarity, the Services require that the Customer’s network with the Licensed Software be connected to the printers applicable to the Service and that the network be “on” for the Services contemplated by this Service Description to be received by the Customer.

3. Fleet Management Portal. The Customer will be provided access to the Fleet Management Portal (“FMP”). The FMP is a portal that will allow the Customer to do the following:

(1) to view its asset data and device status;
(2) to submit the change requests described in Sections 4 and 5 below directly to Dell; and
(3) to submit Consumables fulfillment requests directly to Dell.

4. Move, Add, Dispose. In the event that the Customer wishes to:-
(a) move a Dell model printer subject to the Services to another location,; or
(b) add a newly purchased Dell model printer to the fleet of printers receiving the Services,; or
(c) remove a Dell model printer covered by the Services, which includes without limitation selling or transferring the Dell model printer to another party or disposing a Dell model printer that was covered by the Services; in each case a “dispose”;

the Customer must inform Dell via FMP, or the Customer may contact Dell at the appropriate toll-free number listed at www.dell.com/support.

Provided the Customer properly notifies Dell and complies with Dell’s change management processes in place at the relevant point in time:-

(1) a Dell model printer which is moved to another Customer location that receives the Services, will continue to be an in-scope asset as if it was not moved to another Customer location; and

(2) a newly purchased Dell model printer added to the fleet of printers receiving the Services will be deemed an in-scope asset.

If the Customer disposes (as described above) a Dell model printer, that printer will be removed from scope and the other Dell model printers in the Customer’s fleet that receive the Services will continue to be in-scope and receive the Services.

5. Customer Information. The Customer must keep all of its information (including user contact information, mailing address, printer location and Consumables delivery address, valid email address, phone number, fax number, IP Address, Subnet or other Network location or key identifiers or any other necessary information) (“Customer Information”) current at all times in order to receive the Services. The Customer must advise Dell of any changes to the Customer Information, and the Customer may do this by calling Dell at the appropriate toll-free number listed at www.dell.com/support or updating the information via FMP.

6. Sharing of Information. By using the Services, the Customer understands that the use of the printer, including without limitation the number of pages printed, the usage level of the Consumables and Customer Information, will be monitored by Dell and/or its Authorized Service Provider in order to ensure that the Services are properly provided. Additionally, credit card and debit card information (if mode of payment is by way of credit card or debit card) will be retained by Dell for purposes of payment. Customer’s credit card and debit card information forms part of Customer Information. To learn more about how Dell protects Customer Information, the Customer may review Dell’s Privacy Statement located on www.dell.com.
7. Monthly Base and Usage Charges, Invoicing and Payments. The Customer will be charged a monthly base charge per Dell model printer (“Monthly Base Charge”). The Monthly Base Charge entitles the Customer to a fixed number of print pages for that printer as determined by Dell (“Fixed Page Quantity”) and includes the costs of Consumables as replenished plus shipping thereof.

The Fixed Page Quantity for black and white (“Mono”) printers is a fixed number of Mono impressions, whilst the Fixed Page Quantity for color (“Color”) printers combines a fixed number of Mono impressions and a fixed number of Color impressions.

Each impression printed will be read as one A4/Letter (8.5” x 11”) size page. An A3/Tabloid (11” x 17”) size page will be counted as 2 A4/Letter size pages. A duplex page (2 sided) print will be counted as 2 pages. The pages printed by a Color printer will be separated as Mono impressions and Color impressions.

Prints in excess of the Fixed Page Quantity will be charged a per page charge (“Per Page Charge”). Mono prints and Color prints will each carry a separate Per Page Charge. The Per Page Charge is based on typical office printing with estimated toner coverage of 5% on a letter/A4 (8.5” x 11”) sized impression. If the print exceeds 5% coverage of a page, Dell reserves the right to either revise the Per Page Charge or to cancel the Services.

The Monthly Base Charge, Fixed Page Quantity and Per Page Charge will vary for different printer models, and the same are not transferable from one printer to another, nor from a Color printer to a Mono printer or vice versa.

For clarity, the Monthly Base Charge does not include the costs of the Dell model printer and its corresponding warranty support service.

The pricing excludes all taxes and the Customer is liable to pay taxes to the extent applicable.
Dell reserves the right to increase the Monthly Base Charge and/or the Per Page Charge once a year, where such increase (a) will be based on the local country retail price index; and (b) will not exceed 5% of the current charge.

Dell will invoice the Customer in arrears on a monthly basis for the Monthly Base Charge and the Per Page Charge. The billing period will be from the 1st day of the previous month to the 1st day of the current month. The Customer will pay all charges within the payment date as stated in the invoice. Details of usage data will be provided separately via email upon request. Non-payment by the Customer may result in the Services or the Customer’s account being put on hold and the Customer will not receive any further Services and Consumables until all payments are settled.  

8. Consumables Replenishment. When Dell is made aware that a Consumable component needs to be replaced, Dell will notify the Customer by telephone and/or email (as chosen by Dell) that such Consumables component needs to be replenished. Dell will then ship a new Consumables component to the Customer. Customer may also initiate a request for Consumables component replenishment using the FMP capabilities.

The Customer agrees that it will use the new Consumable component sent to it for the in-scope print device for which it is intended.

9. Expiry of Services Contract. At the end of the Term, the Services will expire and the Customer may elect to enter into a fresh contract term subject to prevailing terms and charges at such point in time.

10. Cancellation, Modification of Terms and Conditions, Account on Hold. The Customer may choose to cancel the Services at any time without being liable to Dell for any costs or charges (save for any Consumables Charges then outstanding) by providing 30 days advance notice by calling Dell at the appropriate toll-free number listed at www.support.dell.com.

Dell reserves the right, with notice to the Customer, to modify or change these Terms and Conditions, or to revise or cancel the Services at any time without being liable to the Customer for any costs or charges of any nature whatsoever.

If Dell cancels the Services, Dell will send Customer written notice of cancellation at the address indicated on Customer’s invoice. The notice will include the effective date of cancellation, which will be not less than 30 days from the date Dell sends notice of cancellation to Customer.

Dell may immediately cancel the Services for cause with no less than 5 days written notice if:

• Customer fails to pay the Monthly Base Charge and/or the Per Page Charge in accordance with the invoice terms;
• if the print for the Per Page Charge exceeds the coverage level stated in Section 7 above; or
• Customer fails to abide by any of the terms and conditions set forth in this Service Description (including these Terms and Conditions) or the Licensed Software EULA.
If Dell cancels this Service pursuant to this paragraph, Customer shall not be entitled to any refund of the Monthly Base Charge, the Per Page Charge or any other fees paid or due to Dell.

If Dell is, for reasons attributable to the Customer, unable to obtain meter reads for a minimum of 20 consecutive days, Dell reserves the right to put the Services or the Customer’s account on hold and the Customer will not receive any further Services and/or Consumables.

11. Authorized Representatives. The Customer acknowledges that anyone using the Licensed Software will be deemed its authorized representatives with respect to purchasing the Services or products from Dell.

12. Miscellaneous. The Service Description, including these Terms and Conditions, along with the Master Services Agreement or the Agreement (as applicable) as well as the Licensed Software EULA set forth the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes any other agreements, discussions, proposals, representations or warranties, whether written or oral, between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. The governing law of this Services Description (including the Terms and Conditions) will be the applicable law as set out in the Master Services Agreement or the Agreement.

13. Important Additional Information

A. Payment for Hardware Purchased With Services. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, payment for hardware shall in no case be contingent upon performance or delivery of the Services purchased with such hardware.
B. Commercially Reasonable Limits to Scope of Service. Dell may refuse to provide the Services if, in its opinion, providing the Service creates an unreasonable risk to Dell or Dell’s Authorized Service Providers or if any requested service is beyond the scope of the Services. Dell is not liable for any failure or delay in performance due to any cause beyond its control, including Customer’s failure to comply with its obligations under this Service Description.
C. Assignment. Dell may assign this Service and/or Service Description to its Authorized Service Providers.
D. Geographic Limitations and Relocation. The Services are not available at all locations. Service options, including service levels, technical support hours, and on-site response times will vary by geography and certain options may not be available for purchase in Customer’s location, so please contact your sales representative for these details.
© 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. A printed hardcopy of Dell’s terms and conditions of sale is also available upon request.

Xerox Flow-Down Terms To Customer

For the purposes of this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings:-

“Xerox” means Xerox Corporation.

“XPPS” means the Xerox Partner Print Services or the Services.

XPPS Tools. The XPPS Tools are proprietary tools of Xerox used by Dell / Authorized Channel Partner to provide XPPS. Customer agrees that Customer shall have no rights to use, access or operate the XPPS Tools except for the Xerox Device Agent (“XDA-PE” or “Licensed Software”). With the exception of XDA-PE, the XPPS Tools will be installed and operated only by Xerox or its authorized agents. Customer will have access to data and reports generated by the XPPS Tools (which data and reports shall be the property of Customer). All XPPS Tools and access to XPPS Tools may be removed by Xerox or Dell / Authorized Channel Partner at the expiration or termination of the applicable contract for XPPS. Customer acknowledges that other than for XDA-PE, Xerox does not license any XPPS Tools to Customers.

XDA-PE License. Xerox grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use each instance of the XDA-PE software provided to it as part of a contract for XPPS within the country of delivery on any single unit of equipment during the term of the applicable contract for XPPS. Customer has no other rights to the XDA-PE software and, in particular, may not: (i) distribute, copy, modify, create derivatives of, decompile, or reverse engineer this software (except to the extent required to obtain interoperability with other independently created software as explicitly permitted by law); or (ii) allow others to engage in same. Title to the XDA-PE software and all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in it shall at all times reside solely with Xerox and/or its licensors.
The XPPS Tools are Xerox Confidential Information and shall be protected until such Confidential Information: (i) was in the public domain prior to, at the time of, or subsequent to the date of disclosure through no fault of Customer; (ii) was rightfully in the receiving party’s possession or the possession of any third party free of any obligation of confidentiality; or (iii) was developed by Customer, its employees or agents independent of and without reference to any of Xerox’s Confidential Information. This obligation survives any termination or expiration of the contract for XPPS.

Remote Data Collection. When the Licensed Software (XDA-PE) is installed on your network, it automatically collects data from all of the Dell-branded printers and non-Dell branded print output or multifunction devices that appear on your network or are locally connected to another device on your network, if so configured (“Data”). If the Licensed Software is downloaded by you to a laptop or desktop computer or server, the Licensed Software will additionally collect product registration information, including Customer supplied name and Customer supplied site name. The Data are transmitted by the Licensed Software to a remotely hosted server that hosts the Xerox Tools. Data may include, but is not limited to, product registration, meter read, supply level, device configuration and settings, software version, usage data and problem/fault code data. The automatic Data transmission capability will not allow Xerox to read, view or download the content of any of your documents residing on or passing through the devices or your information management systems, nor will it collect user name or user job specific data. Your Data may be transmitted, stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Xerox, its affiliated companies, authorized channel partners or subcontractors maintain facilities. You agree that Data may be collected and used by Xerox, its affiliated companies, authorized channel partners and subcontractors for billing associated with account charges incurred, report generation, supplies replenishment, support services, new sales opportunities, ongoing and future site optimization and product improvement purposes. Data will be protected by Xerox as your confidential information, however Xerox is under no obligation to retain any such Data. You agree that Xerox may disclose Data to its affiliated companies, subcontractors, and authorized channel partners to facilitate the use described above and who have agreed to protect the confidentiality of your Data as set forth above. Your Data will be transmitted, stored and processed in accordance with Xerox’s privacy policies (located at Xerox.com).