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Get world-class service with Dell ProSupport

Dell ProSupport is a suite of professional support services designed to address the technology challenges you face today. Resolve hardware and software incidents fast, plus choose from a suite of enhanced support options to protect and proactively maximize your IT resources. Designed with you in mind, ProSupport frees up your time to focus on the bigger picture.
Dell ProSupport provides:

24x7 phone and remote access to advanced level technicians
Collaborative support for select third-party hardware and software vendors
Next Business Day On-Site Service After Remote Diagnosis with options for same day available
"How to" support for popular software applications
Ability to bypass scripted phone troubleshooting and instantly dispatch parts or labor using Dell Online Self Dispatch (certification required)
Single point of contact for escalation management with self-identify severity levels
Global Command Centers to manage critical situations, monitor all mission-critical on-site dispatches and provide proactive crisis management during events such as natural disasters.

How to Purchase 
When selecting your new PC, simply choose from the Dell ProSupport options

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Accidental Damage Protection

We all know accidents happen. It’s part of life. Accidental Damage Protection ensures you can maintain your productivity and helps get you back to business as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Accidental Damage Protection covers unintentional damage that results from: liquid spills; electrical surges; and breakage due to drops, falls or other collisions. In the event that one of your systems is accidentally damaged, you simply contact us directly. After determining the cause and extent of the damage to your system, we will take the appropriate steps to help ensure that it is back in working order as quickly as possible.

Key features include:

Improved cost control — We help minimize the out-of-pocket expenses to repair unanticipated damage. You can rest assured your equipment is covered for accidental damage.
Increased scope of coverage — Accidental Damage Protection is a separate service agreement that picks up where your Dell Limited Warranty leaves off, to cover damage due to accidental drops, spills, power surges and breakages.
Easy to use — You deal directly with the Dell and there are no additional fees or surcharges.
Flexible coverage — Accidental Damage Protection is available in terms of 1 to 5 years.
International coverage — If you experience an accidental damage situation while traveling outside your country of origin, you will receive support.

How to Purchase
When selecting your new PC, simply choose from the Accidental damage protection options

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Hard Drive

Get a replacement hard drive, without giving up your old one

No one likes the thought of a failed hard drive, especially since sensitive data is at such high risk of exploitation. And while there are many ways to recover data, not all are equally secure.
In a regulatory environment that places a high premium on privacy, many organizations instead opt to retain possession of failed hard drives — forgoing the benefits offered by their warranties.

Keep Your Hard Drive offers ultimate control, allowing you to retain complete control of your data. If your hard drive fails, you manage data destruction and drive disposal on your own, without opening the door to potential third-party mismanagement.

With Keep Your Hard Drive, you can :
Ensure strict security of sensitive data and hard drives — Retain physical possession of a failed hard drive and ensure security of classified, proprietary or sensitive data.
Maintain complete control — Keep failed hard drives in-house, and decide how and when to dispose of your data, on your own terms.
Comply with security regulations — Prevent your hard drive contents from being compromised in any way.
Mitigate risk — Reduce the possibility of expensive civil liability by controlling every step of the data destruction and hard drive disposal process.

How to Purchase
When selecting your new PC, simply choose from the Keep your hard drive options

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Extended Battery Service gives you the flexibility to extend the terms of your laptop battery coverage for the remainder of your laptop’s Limited Warranty, up to three years.
Your Dell Limited Hardware Warranty provides one year of battery coverage from the date of purchase of the computer and the Extended Battery Service offers the following additional benefits:

Flexibility to extend the terms of replacement battery coverage for the remainder of the Limited Hardware Warranty up to three years
One replacement battery during the extended term in the event the computer’s primary battery experiences a failure
Replacement battery sent out at no additional charge
Environmentally safe disposal of old battery
Easy way to manage your lifecycle computing needs
Battery capacity when you need it the most
The Extended Battery Service is an option available at time of purchase on Dell Precision™,
Latitude™ and Vostro™ laptops with the purchase of a Limited Warranty period greater than one year.

How to Purchase
When selecting your new PC, simply choose from the Extended Battery Service  options

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System Tracking and Recovery with Computrace Technology 

Computrace products by Absolute Software allow you to centrally manage your IT assets within a single interface. You can identify any devices that have gone missing, enforce software policies, and ensure your IT deployment is running optimally. In the event of loss or theft – Computrace One can help you recover your computer. 3 and 4 year licences are available from Dell at point of sale and 1-5 year licences after point of sale. 

Monitor and manage all of your IT assets within the Absolute Customer Centre, regardless of the device being on or off your network.

In the event of loss or theft, remotely delete all sensitive information and generate reports to prove your compliance with government and corporate regulations

Report a theft and engage the Absolute Theft Recovery Team who will work with local law enforcement to recover your property.

How to Purchase
When selecting your new PC, simply choose from the Computrace and system tracking and recovery options

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