Unleash Innovation

Transforming healthcare isn’t easy. It requires ingenuity, collaboration, and perseverance. In short, it takes innovation. But, if you’re like most, 70  percent or more of your IT resources — time, money, and people — are tied up maintaining your infrastructure, leaving precious little to fund the IT innovations needed to drive the business of healthcare forward. Dell can help you:
  • Reduce revenue cycle and strengthen cash-flow
  • Reallocate resources relegated to IT maintenance
  • Adopt new technologies that improve patient care
  • Drive continuous organizational improvement
Steps to Unleashing Innovation:
  • Free up IT resources allocated to management, business continuity, and deployment
    Dell Managed Services leverage cloud-based technologies to efficiently manage your IT infrastructure, off-load business continuity tasks, and automate deployment tasks.
  • Improve and realign healthcare business and clinical processes and work flows
    Inefficient and redundant processes contribute to administrative waste, lost revenue, and consumer dissatisfaction. Dell can help you streamline clinical and administrative operations as well as improve revenue cycle performance and increase cash.
  • Use healthcare informatics to create actionable information to drive organizational improvement
    Healthcare transformation is not a project, but rather a process. Dell can help you use healthcare informatics to continuously drive process and quality improvement in care delivery.

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