Unlock Information

Unlock Information

Information is the lifeline of an interconnected healthcare system designed to deliver patient-centric care. It is critical to saving lives, preventing medical errors and improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery, yet vital medical, clinical and patient information is currently fragmented and largely inaccessible, making it difficult and costly to share across the healthcare ecosystem. Dell provides a practical blueprint to help you:
  • Unlock information from the shackles of paper
  • Properly secure information to ensure patient privacy
  • Make information readily available any time, at any point of care
  • Empower patients to become active participants in their own care


Prepare for EMR with a comprehensive strategy1. Prepare for MRD with a comprehensive strategy
Successfully prepare for Medical Records Digitisation (MRD) by identifying your current IT position, the challenges that must be overcome prior to implementation and the steps for meeting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements for meaningful use.
Digitize and secure health records2. Digitize and secure health records
Digitizing health records is a critical step in making information accessible. Dell can help guide you in not only digitizing your health records, but also ensuring seamless integration, scalability, affordability and security.
Enable anytime, anywhere access to information3. Enable anytime, anywhere access to information
To connect all aspects of care delivery, you need anytime, anywhere access to critical patient information. Dell Mobility Solutions help you easily and securely share patient information throughout the hospital and across the globe.
Empower patients with health information4. Empower patients with health information
Dell Interactive Patient Care solutions provide in-room technologies and individualized information that aid patients and their families during their hospital stay and educate them about useful post discharge care.

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