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Dell Healthcare IT Solutions

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Healthcare Solutions Guide

Creating an information-driven healthcare ecosystem

The volume, complexity and significance of patient information have grown exponentially in recent years. As a healthcare professional, you know that better access to that information can lead to better care. But how do you efficiently move information to provide clinicians with fast, secure access to patient data, whenever and wherever they need it? How do you help patients understand their diagnoses and help researchers make sense of multiple data points? 

Whether you work in the NHS or in a private healthcare organisation, deploying a technology-driven information management strategy can help you reach these key goals:
  • Transforming: Accelerate new-technology adoption that transforms the delivery of healthcare solutions, from unified communications to the cloud.
  • Connecting: Connect your clinicians and ensure that they have access to all available patient information, even at the point-of-care.
  • Informing: Compile data from multiple patients to give researchers and clinicians a better understanding of conditions, shaping best practices and creating personalised care that leads to better outcomes. Help your patients take control of their own health by providing them with better information about their conditions.
  • Protecting: Safeguard personnel and patient data, overcome evolving security threats and ensure legislative compliance.
From desktops to tablets to leading-edge networks and data centres and into the cloud, our technology creates efficiency, maximises productivity and securely delivers time-sensitive patient information. Whether you need a turnkey or custom enterprise system, our specialised, end-to-end solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of clinical workflows.

Contact a Dell healthcare expert to learn how our technology solutions can help you speed up healthcare delivery, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes and meet compliance standards.

  1. Mobility


    Improve productivity and drive operational efficiency with remote working and point-of-care information delivery.

  2. Digital Care Records

    Digital Care Records

    Deliver digital care records in a timely, secure and compliant way across multiple healthcare settings.

  3. Governance and Security

    Governance and Security

    Establish secure governance and compliance to defend highly available data as it moves among multiple stakeholders.

  4. Data Mangement

    Data Management and Big Data

    Manage the explosion of data and gain meaningful insight that drives research and optimises the delivery of care.

  5. Healthcare Consulting

    Health Consulting Services

    Enable new operational practices across all staff groups to save money, drive efficiency and improve patient care.

With dedicated teams of healthcare specialists across the UK, we understand the issues driving change in the healthcare environment and the challenges our customers face when transforming their organisations. For more than 20 years, we’ve been actively working with the NHS and private healthcare organisations to improve efficiency, increase agility and reduce costs — focusing on practical innovation, efficient and affordable solutions, and a superior customer relationship model.

Our close partnership with Intel in the healthcare environment is based on a shared vision of open industry standards and interoperability that make technology affordable and accessible, from new mobility solutions to big data analytics and advanced security.

Find out why Gartner has ranked us as the top worldwide healthcare services IT vendor for three years in a row.

Contact a Dell healthcare expert today.
  1. Healthcare :The power of information-driven healthcare

    Healthcare :The power of information-driven healthcare

    At Dell, we believe that better information drives better healthcare. To this end, we provide healthcare technology solutions that help drive efficiency, maximise productivity and deliver information securely to the point of care.

  2. Dell Healthcare Solutions Guide

    Dell Healthcare Solutions Guide


    Our shared vision and legacy of innovation in healthcare and life sciences provides the background for this guide, designed to give both an overview of Dell’s healthcare solutions and insights into the benefits they deliver to individual stakeholders within the healthcare environment.