Help Me Choose: Optical Drives

Dell offers a variety of optical drives with the features and functions needed for multitasking and enhanced productivity.

The optical drive in your Dell™ business system allows you to back up your data and images by burning them to CD, DVD or BD. Choose among CD, DVD and BD based on your capacity requirements. If you’re looking for more storage capacity than CDs or single-layer DVDs, Dell offers double-layer (DL) DVD disks with up to 8.5GB of storage. Higher capacities are supported on Blu-ray drives, available on select Dell OptiPlex™, Vostro™, and Dell Precision™ desktop and notebook systems.

Additional Software Options
CyberLink PowerDVD
™ (Available on DVD-ROM and DVD+RW offerings)
CyberLink PowerDVD is a DVD playback experience for the PC. Built-in features, such as CyberLink Eagle Vision™, CyberLink Pano Vision™ and CyberLink Multi-Channel Environment Impression™ are designed to enhance movie playback with CyberLink PowerDVD DX. CyberLink Eagle Vision is designed to deliver improved colors and detail by intelligently adapting video contrast and colors across movie scenes. CyberLink Pano Vision automatically adjusts DVD playback based on wide- or standard-screen ratios. CyberLink Multi-Channel Environment Impression can allow users to maximize their audio system’s capabilities, delivering multichannel audio from any two-channel encoded audio track. CyberLink PowerDVD is compatible with Windows® 7, Windows Vista® and Windows XP.

Roxio® Creator® DE (Available on DVD+RW offerings)
Roxio Creator DE is a CD/DVD burning solution for enjoying and sharing digital movies, photos, music and other files. It allows users to quickly burn and copy data, audio, photo, and video CDs and DVDs. Roxio Creator DE is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The system you are configuring may or may not include all of the options listed here.

If you want...Choose...
To burn DVDsDVD+/-RW*, BD Combo, BD-RE
To burn CDsDVD+/-RW*, BD Combo, BD-RE
To play DVDsDVD+/-RW*, DVD-ROM*, BD Combo, BD-RE
To load software from DVDDVD+/-RW*, DVD-ROM*, BD Combo, BD-RE
To load software from CDDVD+/-RW*, DVD-ROM*, BD Combo, BD-RE
Enjoy superb storage capacity and high-definition viewing pleasureBD Combo or BD-RE