Help Me Choose: Intel® Processors

The processor or CPU processes the critical information and instructions that make your computer perform. Think of it as the system’s brains, enabling it to run the applications and other operations.

The speed at which your system runs programs, loads images and downloads files depends in part on the processor. Bandwidth, clock speed and the number of cores in the processor all help determine processor performance. As a general rule, a higher number indicates higher performance.

Dell recommends that you choose a processor with enough performance to meet your needs well into the future.

Depending on the processor you choose, you can get more multitasking capacity, extra speed on demand, and breakthrough performance on digital media consumption and creation.

Today, the latest Intel® processor technology is 4th Generation Intel Core™. The completely redesigned 4th Gen processors feature huge improvements over 2nd and 3rd Gen processors, including:

• Efficiency: Spend less time looking for an outlet and more time getting things done. Intel’s latest 4th Generation processors are more power efficient than ever without sacrificing performance.
• Graphics: 4th Gen Intel Core processors provide up to 2x better integrated graphics performance versus previous generations.*
• Performance: With up to 13 percent better performance than previous generations,* 4th Gen processors give you enhanced power and speed you need to accomplish tasks.

IntelWhich processor is best for me?
When it comes to choosing a processor, keep in mind that a higher number generally indicates better performance. Available in three performance levels, Intel® Core i5 and i7 processors are designed to deliver faster, smarter performance. Depending on the number of cores within each processor, you can get more multitasking capability, extra speed or advanced media capability.
intel core i7 Core™ i7 Extreme
At the top rung is Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, which has all the capabilities of Intel Core i5 and i7, plus greater performance, thanks to six cores, more onboard memory and 12-way multitask processing. Intel Core i7 Extreme processors also enable you to overclock* the CPU for even greater performance, perfect for serious media enthusiasts and hard-core gamers. Core i7 Extreme is available on select Alienware™ systems. 
Intel corei7
Intel® Core™ i7
Core™ i7
Thanks to new processor technology that adapts to meet your needs and enables you to multitask faster; Core i7 processors have all the capabilities of Core i5, plus they deliver serious PC performance, especially when it comes to creating digital videos, music and photos. With four- and eight-way* multitask processing, you can get things done quicker, saving you time. Core i7 is available on select Dell systems.
intel core i5
Intel® Core™ i5
Core™ i5
Apart from providing great graphics and multitasking, Core i5 processors automatically speed up when your PC needs a little extra boost, thanks to Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. With four-way multitask processing, you can get many things done at once.