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Dell Virtual Labs

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Where do your students want to learn today?

Dell Virtual Labs can help you reduce student computing lab management time significantly — while allowing students to access lab applications from their own PCs, no matter what PCs they have. Using Intel® technology, we're helping students cross the digital divide without having to cross campus. 

With virtualization technologies from partners like Citrix and VMware, Dell can create an environment where you can access even specialized applications for subjects like statistics, engineering, science and design from any lab PC on campus or from a dorm room via a notebook … even at 3 a.m., when the lab is closed. Plus, management is simpler, freeing up time for strategic projects.

Virtual Labs: How can Dell enable your campus? 

Right now, there is a great deal of interest in virtual desktop solutions like Virtual Labs. While these solutions promise to yield huge benefits, they can grow complicated and confusing quickly.

Dell has spent thousands of hours testing and validating several architectures that can take the guesswork out of desktop virtualization implementations. We've spent yet more time in the lab testing the most popular higher education applications on this infrastructure, so we can support educational institutions in virtualizing these common specialty applications. Learn more about our testing process and validated reference architectures in this white paper.

As a full solution provider and trusted advisor to thousands of universities, Dell is uniquely capable of creating an environment that will work seamlessly on your campus, whether you're just looking to virtualize a single lab or to provide anywhere mobile access to students across campus. And, unlike many other providers, we provide one stop for support on all aspects of the solution.