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Efficient data storage and management for Oracle databases

If your enterprise is like most others, it lives and dies by data. Help your business thrive with a Dell™ Oracle® database storage solution designed and built to meet your unique needs. 

We provide robust, flexible database solutions that enable you to standardize, simplify and automate your IT infrastructure. With Dell, you can:

  • Choose from a complete line of storage solutions for Oracle database
  • Protect your information assets at the primary, backup and archive levels
  • Simplify your database environment with storage platforms that are specifically optimized for Oracle

Scalable from the smallest departmental database to the largest global enterprise, Dell storage options provide you with one more powerful tool for increasing efficiency throughout your organization.

Learn more about specific storage solutions suited to your particular needs by using the faceted navigation in the lower left column of this page.

  1. PowerVault MD1220 Direct Attach Storage Array

    PowerVault MD1220 provides the performance you need from a direct attach, energy-efficient storage array to handle your mission-critical Oracle applications in a single-server environment.

  2. PowerVault MD3000i

    PowerVault MD3000i offers superior storage performance for business-critical Oracle applications in an iSCSI storage area network. It streamlines your IT infrastructure, optimizes data management and consolidates servers without complexity.

  3. PowerVault MD3000

    For small to medium business Oracle database implementations, the PowerVault MD3000 is modular and expandable by up to 45, 3.5-inch drives at 90TB.

  4. Dell EqualLogic PS6000 Series

    EqualLogic PS6000E Internet SCSI arrays are for moderate to high input/output Oracle database applications.

  5. Dell AX4-5 Storage Array

    Help address your Oracle database challenges with storage area network (SAN) entry-level storage arrays that deliver optimal performance, expandability and advanced data management features.

  6. Dell EqualLogic PS4000 Series

    Easily scalable with your choice of serial ATA (SATA) or serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives, the Dell EqualLogic PS4000 Series Internet SCSI (iSCSI) storage array delivers solid performance and capacity for a large enterprise running Oracle databases.

  7. Dell Storage Family Portfolio

    Dell understands the storage hurdles of today. With the volume, velocity and value of data accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, making a departure from the costly and complex approach to storage of the past is critical. Dell is redefining the economics of enterprise storage through modern storage architectures, a focus on customer workloads, and an end-to-end integrated portfolio of server, storage, networking, software and services offerings.

  8. All Flash iSCSI SSD Systems 2014 Brand Leader Report

    During the last five years, enterprise-class storage arrays have evolved from all-HDD, to Hybrid HDD/SSD, to all-flash media inside. Leading storage vendors also offer NAS, SAN and unified versions of each. Until this year, the array portfolio of leading storage vendors included only all-HDD arrays with an option to add some flash. The breakthrough year for the industry came in 2014, highlighted by the introduction of all-flash storage arrays from leading vendors including Dell.

  9. Dell Networking 103H Access Point Spec Sheet

    The multifunctional and affordable Dell Networking W-AP103H hospitality wireless access point (AP) maximizes mobile device performance in low-density WiFi environments while minimizing interference from cellular networks.​

  10. Dell Networking 200 Series Access Points Spec Sheet

    Multifunctional and affordable Dell Networking 200 Series 802.11ac wireless APs maximize mobile device performance in medium-density enterprise Wi-Fi environments.​

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