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LED Technology

Taking LED printing to new levels

LED versus laser printing.

LED printers can offer many benefits over laser printers, including a smaller size, lighter weight, simplified mechanical parts, quiet operation and lower power consumption.

Laser printers use a complex system of lenses and mirrors to print. All these moving parts must maintain very precise timing and alignment to create a single dot at a time across the imaging drum.

 Laser Technology
LED Technology

LED printers use a stationary array of LEDs to create an entire line of dots across the drum at the same time. The end result is simplified, high-quality document printing.

Brilliant color. Solid technology.

Dell color LED printers use two advanced technologies to take LED printing to new levels:
Dell Clear View LED and Color by Dell. The result is ultracompact machines that deliver high-resolution prints and excellent color reproduction without compromising on print performance.

Clearview LED
Dell Clear View LED Technology 
that's clearly a step ahead

Color by Dell
Color by Dell 
whole new level of picture quality

  • Excellent print quality delivers great accuracy, control and uniform light emission with an intelligent self-scanning LED print head.
  • Maximize your workspace with a small print head that allows for ultracompact printer design.
  • Reliable and lasting performance from simple mechanical parts.
  • Low-maintenance drum and fuser unit are designed to last the lifetime of the printer. Simple design removes need for maintenance kit and replacing waste toner box. Only four toner consumables need to be replaced.
  • Energy-efficient, enhanced image controller uses low power during printing.
  • Amazing color: A sophisticated print engine design and transfer belt that transfers four colors simultaneously for excellent color registration and color saturation.
  • High-quality print finish: With advanced toner technology, you get consistent print quality and more saturated color reproduction with an excellent finish on coated paper for eye-catching business graphics or text.
  • Superb image quality and print speeds: Image-enhancement technology that gives excellent color reproduction with sharp and crisp text quality on white, black or colored backgrounds, at fast print speeds.

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