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BI Analytics, Consulting & Intelligence

Transform your data into a competitive advantage

The data in our world is growing rapidly and managing large data sets and big data is fast becoming a key factor for enterprise success.

Let Dell help you understand and structure your data so you can measure, analyze, and improve business processes. We can also help you gain new insights from your data sets with our big data capabilities and advanced analytics solutions.

Our consulting services help you:
  • Modernize your business intelligence capabilities
  • Achieve tangible business outcomes from data visualizations and insights
  • Effectively handle the increasing volume, velocity and variety of data
  • Gain from our extensive partnerships and alliance with leading vendors
Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

Every day, we help customers across verticals make smarter decisions, improve their efficiencies and customer relationships and help them grow their business. We increased efficiencies for a global company by improving data quality through global data governance and stewardship discipline. We helped a US university improve student retention through real-time advanced analytics on mobile devices and enabled a hospital reduce patient re-admission with in depth statistical analysis and predictive modeling.

Our comprehensive set of services ranges from data visualization to advanced modeling techniques and includes architecture and planning, advisory services, development, implementation and sustenance. Our team comprises business analysts, solution architects, technology specialists, data modelers, and data scientists who are focused on delivering results

Our offers include:

  • Business Intelligence Modernization: Delivers a competitive advantage to drive business & markets; maximizes your investment by creating a mature business intelligence strategic competency of people, process and technology
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing: Consolidates all of your data and empowers you to measure, analyze, and effect business processes using data assets and visualizations
  • Master Data Management: Builds a uniform and consistent process for achieving and maintaining reliable, accurate, shared data across critical domains by addressing data quality and fragmentation 
  • Big Data: Provides the comprehensive technologies and solutions that enables new technologies to process, store, and realize new insights using the variety, velocity, and volumes of data available to the business 
  • Advanced Analytics: Helps you discover new patterns in data and impact business outcomes through predictive and prescriptive analytics