Dell Application Migration to the Cloud

While cloud adoption is growing in popularity, it can be difficult to migrate your existing applications to the cloud. Some existing applications need significant re-engineering to be migrated using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model effectively. This can be time consuming and tedious — especially when not all applications can be moved to SaaS and each application requires a different approach.

Our established solution framework enables the conversion of single-tenant non-SaaS applications to multi-tenant SaaS applications — efficiently and quickly.

Dell Application Migration to the Cloud includes:

  • Migration assessment: Tools and frameworks for identifying candidate applications and detecting re-engineering areas proactively
  • Application transformation: On-site Java and .NET applications migrated to cloud of choice, converting single-tenant architectures into a multi-tenant model
  • Operations and sustenance: Improved operability for existing applications through business services tenant subscriptions, billing, reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards
  • Allied solutions: Services addressing the adjacencies of migration to the cloud such as tenant customizations, data migration, integration and re-engineering

Benefits of Dell Application Migration to the Cloud include:

  • Fast time- to- market using pre-built frameworks and unique intellectual property
  • Significant cost savings through a tool-based, intelligent approach
  • Technology agnostic, supporting leading languages, databases, operating systems, web servers and clouds such as Dell Private Cloud or partner public cloud (Azure and Force.com)
  • Experience migrating our own intellectual property to the cloud helps ensure pitfalls are avoided and full business values are derived
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