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Dell Cloud Integration Services

When attempting to integrate your hybrid portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise applications, traditional application integration methods (either through custom developed interfaces or middleware platforms) can often fail to integrate effectively. And having multiple integration platforms and custom interfaces only adds to the complexity of your portfolio — requiring a significantly larger development effort and increasing time and cost.

Dell offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud integration services for your SaaS and traditional applications. We utilize leading cloud integration platform, Dell Boomi, to extend your enterprise business and integrate a hybrid applications portfolio for on-premise to on-premise, on-premise to SaaS and SaaS to SaaS.

Dell Cloud Integration Services provides the following assistance:
  • Integration assessment
  • Integration development and migration
  • Integration testing
  • Maintenance and support
Benefits of Dell Cloud Integration Services include:
  • Pay only for the number of connections you need
  • Seamlessly integrate any new SaaS application you deploy
  • Implement faster integrations with web-based self-subscription and ready- to-deploy connectors for most popular applications
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